Index of Hopkirk, Hobkirk Habkirk and Hopekirk Names

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Index of Names
Last Name First Name Mother's Maiden Name Christening or Birth(B) Date Birth Place  Death Date Place of Death Spouse's Name Family Branch Sub-branch

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Habkirk AdaMaryElizabeth Palterman 29Jun1891(B) 6Aug1970 Dale, Harold Douglas Habkirk Canada
Hobkirk Adam Laidlaw 17May1822 Roberton @1870 Teviothead
Hobkirk Adam Porteous 31July1825 Peebles Peebles
Hopkirk Agnes Wright 21Apr1778 Melrose Melrose
Hobkirk Agnes Porteous 11Nov1846 Temple,Midlothian Peebles
Hopkirk Agnes Good 21Jan1845(C) Edinkillie,Morayshire 18Jul1864 Peebles Morayshire
Hopkirk Agnes L. Lamont 25Jul1852 Largs Jedburgh Largs
Hopkirk Agnes Stewart 10Sep1854 Dec1928 Peebles Edinburgh,SCT
Hopkirk Agnes Isabella Spottiswoode 28Sep1869 Scotland New Zealand Gillies,John J. Melrose New Zealand
Hobkirk Agness Hindmarch 5 Feb 1873 5 Jan 1943 Wright, Robert Peebles
Hopkirk Agnes Taylor after1882 Largs Jedburgh Largs
Hopkirk Agnes Williams Daniel 31Aug1890 New Zealand 28Feb1964 New Zealand Melrose New Zealand
Hopkirk Agnes Gutherie 13Mar1895 Largs unmarried Jedburgh Largs
Hopkirk Agnes G. Goodfellow 1Apr1901 Edinburgh Peebles Edinburgh
Habkirk Agnes Isabelle Greive @1909 Canada @1918 Canada died young Habkirk Canada
Hopkirk Alan C.H. Burch 5Jun1904 New Zealand Melrose New Zealand
Habkirk Albert Bond McMillan 1894 Canada 1971 Canda Hunter,Belle Habkirk Canada
Habkirk Alberta Scott Palterman 8Jun1886(B) 14Jul1888 died in infancy Habkirk Canada
Hopkirk Alexander Hunter 10Jan1720 Galashiels 1789 Dryburgh Peterson,Isabel


Hopkirk Alexander Lawrie 18Feb1759 Melrose 8Nov1826 Melrose Amos,Barbara Melrose
Hopkirk Alexander Wright 2Jun1793 Melrose Melrose
Habkirk Alexander Hislop 10Jul1808(C) Peebles Peebles
Hopkirk Alexander Home, Isabelle 26Jun1823 Melrose New Zealand Spottiswoode,Agnes Melrose New Zealand 1,2,3 1,2,3,4,5,6
Hopkirk Alexander Redpath 25Oct1853 Lockridge,IA Ripley,Addie L. Melrose USA
Hopkirk Alexander (Alec) Home Spottiswoode 7Nov1860 Scotland New Zealand McLean,Mary Melrose New Zealand
Hopkirk Alexander Emslie @1878 Cameron,Margaret Peebles Edinburgh
Hopkirk Alexander T. Taylor 2Jul1882 Largs Cowdell, Elizabeth Jedburgh Largs 1
Hopkirk Alexander John McLean 15Jul1899 New Zealand 3Apr1982 Melrose New Zealand
Hopkirk Alexander H. Goodfellow 6 Jun 1916 Edinburgh Oct 1979 Peebles Edinburgh
Hobkirk Allen Lucius Hall 9Nov1882 Citra, Florida 15Mar1943 Ballance,Janie Florida,USA
Hopkirk Anna Redpath @1840 JeffersonCounty,Ohio Stamm, Robert Melrose USA
Hopkirk Anne Wright 25Apr1779 Melrose Melrose
Hopkirk Anne Glassford 9Jul1786 Glasgow Glasgow
Hobkirk Anne Turnbull 14Jun1812 Jedburgh Melrose
Hobkirk Ann Porteous 27Jan1828 Peebles Peebles
Hopkirk Anne E..W Wood 8Jul1852 Scotland Miller,James Melrose New Zealand
Hobkirk Ann Hindmarch @1868 @1871 died in infancy Peebles
Habkirk Annie Smith McMillan Canada 13Mar1941 Habkirk Canada
Hopkirk AnnieMcComb Goodfellow 11Jul1895 Edinburgh May 1990 Peebles Edinburgh
Hobkirk Ardis Waldron 18Nov1904 Citra, Florida Feb 1976 Florida,USA
Hopkirk Arthur Francis unknown 20Jun1857 Ethan, Kent Young,Sidney Glasgow Nairobi
Habkirk Arthur McMillan 1903 1977 Hunter,Annie Habkirk Canada
Hopkirk Barbara Smellie 24Jun1746 Glasgow Glasgow
Hopkirk Barbara Glassford 7Jun1792 Glasgow Glasgow
Hopkirk Beatrice Nicholson @1845 Lockridge,IA 21Jan1903 Lockridge,Ia Snow,Birney Melrose USA
Hopkirk Carl Danielson 8Oct1887 Lockridge,IA 24Mar1965 ?, Minnie Melrose USA
Hopkirk Catherine Glassford 25Feb1794 Glasgow Glasgow
Hopkirk Catherine Morrison May 1846 Melrose South Africa
Hopkirk Celia Kirkman @1895 South Africa Edwards, Henry Melrose South Africa
Hopkirk CharlesThomas unknown @1848 @1915 Isle of Wight Glasgow Nairobi
Hopkirk CharlesLennox Good 3Jun1853(C) Edinkillie,Morayshire Peebles Morayshire
Hobkirk Charles Hindmarch 5 June1879 @1954 Wright, Lora Peebles
Hopkirk Christian Glassford 1Oct1790 Glasgow Glasgow
Hopkirk Christina Lamont 12Sep1841 Largs,Scotland    21May1938 Fleck, John Jedburgh Largs
Hopkirk Christina Danielson @1883 Lockridge,IA Melrose USA
Hobkirk Clarence Leishman 16Jul1869 Edinburgh 9Sep1949 CleddonHall,MON,ENG Bosanquet,Nora Roberton 1
Hopkirk Clarence Cowles 29Nov1885 Agency,IA Melrose USA
Hopkirk Cyril S. Pilcher 30 Oct 1894 New Zealand 25Sep1987 Melrose New Zealand
Hopkirk David Wright 21Jun1787 Melrose Greive,Margeret Melrose
Hopkirk David Home 23Oct1814 Melrose abt 1847 at sea
Hopkirk David Grieve 30Mar1817 Liberton,Midlothian Goodall, Ann Melrose UK
Hopkirk David Nicholson @1848 Lockridge,IA Raney,Ida Melrose UK
Hopkirk David Morrison April 1849 Woolwich,UK Melrose South Africa
Hopkirk David Moffatt @185_? Missouri Colorado,USA Melrose USA
Hopkirk David Hill 4Mar1868 Perth? Melrose Perth
Hopkirk David A. Danielson 2Jan1892 Lockridge,IA Nov1974 Jacobson,Lillian Melrose USA
Hopkirk David Hamma Pilcher 5 Nov 1895 New Zealand 21 May1955 Melrose New Zealand
Hopkirk Deborah Laurie 23Jun1822 Renfrow,Scotland Findley,Robert Jedburgh Largs 1
Hopkirk Deborah Lamont 21Jun1863 Largs Jedburgh Largs
Hopkirk Dorothy C. Burch 25May1897 New Zealand 17Aug1977 New Zealand Voller,Pat James Melrose New Zealand
Hopkirk Douglas H. Burch 9Mar1901 New Zealand Melrose New Zealand
Hopkirk Duffy Danielson @1889 Lockridge,IA unmarried Melrose USA
Hopkirk Duncan L. Lamont 10Feb1839 Largs, Scotland Stevens, Eliz A. Jedburgh Largs 1
Hopkirk Duncan Stevens late1867 Largs?   Jedburgh Largs
Hopkirk Duncan Gutherie @1880's Largs Jedburgh Largs
Hopkirk Edna May Daniel 8Apr 1897 New Zealand 24Mar1990 Carter,Edward Melrose New Zealand
Hopkirk Eldra Danielson 30May1890 2Sep1981 unmarried Melrose USA
Hopkirk Elizabeth Paterson 4Sep1707 Glasgow before1710 Glasgow died in infancy Glasgow
Hopkirk Elizabeth Paterson 20Aug1710 Glasgow before1721 Glasgow unmarried Glasgow
Hopkirk Elizabeth Paterson 9Apr1721 Glasgow Glasgow
Hopkirk Elizabeth Smellie 24Jul1748 Glasgow
Hopkirk Elizabeth Smellie 23Oct1754 Glasgow
Hopkirk Elizabeth Glassford 15Feb1788 Glasgow Glasgow
Hopkirk Elizabeth Home 16Sep1804 Melrose abt 1847 at sea unmarried Melrose
Hopkirk Elizabeth Redpath 10Jan1835 Rochester,NY 11Nov1911 Fairfield,IA Stephenson,Robert Melrose USA 1
Hopkirk Elizabeth Stewart 4Jan1851 23Nov1919 Peebles Edinburgh
Hopkirk Elizabeth A. Stevens @1870 Largs? 23Sept1957 Largs Jedburgh Largs
Hobkirk Elizabeth (Lizzy) Fowler 5 Nov 1875 Scotland Jump, Maurice Peebles
Hopkirk Elizabeth S. Emslie @1880 Edinburgh? Pamond,David Peebles Edinburgh
Hopkirk Elizabeth Goodfellow 24Dec1905 Edinburgh Edinburgh died in infancy Peebles Edinburgh
Hobkirk Elspeth Isabel Bosanquet 17May1903 Shenfield,ESS,Eng 21Aug1990 Edinburgh unknown Roberton
Habkirk Elva Elizabeth Greive @1905 Canada Pullmaw, John W Habkirk Canada
Hobkirk Emma Rae @1864 @1920 Telfer, P.J. Peebles
Hopkirk Ernest Toothaker @1877 Lockridge,IA @1928 Texas Bates,Maude Melrose USA
Hobkirk Ethel Estelle Hall 2Sep1897 Citra, Florida 24July1990
Hopkirk Fern Danielson 7May1896 Lockridge,IA 5Jul1987 Eggenberger,Alton Melrose USA
Hopkirk Francis @1677 Cranstoun? Paterson,Mary Glasgow
Hopkirk Francis Paterson 2Mar1714 Glasgow before1717 Glasgow died in infancy Glasgow
Hopkirk Francis Paterson 11Aug1717 Glasgow before1723 Glasgow died in infancy Glasgow
Hopkirk Francis Paterson 6May1723 Glasgow Glasgow
Hopkirk Francis Smellie 26Jun1751 @1795 Jane ? Glasgow Nairobi
Hopkirk FrancisLewis Vandertromp after 1820 Glasgow Nairobi
Habkirk Francis George Barbour 25 Nov. 1881 Canada 1 Mar 1969 Canada Heatherington, Blanche Habkirk Canada
Hopkirk Frank Moffatt @1860 Missouri Melrose USA
Hopkirk Frank Alder @1860 South Africa @1920 South Africa Melrose South Africa
Hopkirk Frank Toothaker 8Nov1873 Lockridge,IA @1846 Ruskin,NE Jones, Iva Melrose USA
Hopkirk Frank S. Kirkman 15Mar1898 South Africa Perkins, Mary Melrose South Africa
Hopkirk George Paterson 17June1750 Galashiels before1758 Melrose
Hobkirk George @1760-70 after 1807 Porteas,Helen Habkirk
Hopkirk George Bridges(Briggs) @1768 11Mar1816 Jamaica Melrose Jamaica 1 1
Hobkirk George Porteas 6Aug1797 Crailing,Rox Habkirk
Hobkirk George Laidlaw 26May1816 Roberton 29May1877 Hawick Wilson, Jessie Roberton
Habkirk George Impenden Scott 14Mar1824(B) Eckford,Rox 1915 Cananda Henderson,Mary Habkirk
Hobkirk George Rae @1860 @1936 Telfer, Mary Peebles
Hopkirk George H Alder 25Jan1865 Capetown June 1906 East London,SA Kirkman, Mary Melrose South Africa
Habkirk George, Jr. Henderson @1865 @1905 Calder,Margaret Habkirk Canada
Hopkirk George Taylor @1878 Largs Jedburgh Largs
Habkirk George Errol Calder @1888 @1952 Shannon, Elizabeth Habkirk Canada
Habkirk George Allen McMillan 17 April 1891 29 Sept 1965 Morris,Rebecca Maud Habkirk Canada
Hobkirk George Telfer @1890 @1968 Rhodes, Vernena Peebles
Hopkirk George Howard Kirkman @1891 South Africa Bates, Agnes Melrose South Africa
Habkirk George Stirling Greive @1922 Canada @1970 Canada unmarried Habkirk Canada
Hobkirk Gertrude Hall 8Oct1889 Citra, Florida October1969 Florida,USA
Hopkirk Gertrude Emily Pilcher 4 Apr 1899 New Zealand @1991 Melrose New Zealand
Hopkirk Glen Danielson @1882 Lockridge, IA unmarried Melrose USA
Hopkirk Gordon Danielson 29Jun1894 Lockridge,IA 26Mar1986 Lockridge,IA unmarried Melrose USA
Hopkirk Harry Toothaker 16Jun1875 Lockridge,IA 4Mar1887 Lockridge,IA unmarried Melrose USA
Hobkirk Harry Telfer 1885 1885 died in infancy Peebles
Habkirk Harry George H Heatherington @1919 Canada 1980 1Hetherton,2Horsman Habkirk Canada
Habkirk Hazel Minnie Heatherington @1910 Canada 1983 Pritchard, Carson Habkirk Canada
Habkirk Hector Cowan Cowan @1878 Canada ??? Habkirk Canada
Hopkirk Helen Paterson 5May1743 Galashiels before1749 died in infancy Melrose
Hopkirk Helen Paterson 5May1749 Galashiels Melrose
Habkirk Helen Meachside Scott 20Nov1821(B) Scotland 1892 Canada Brown,John Habkirk
Hopkirk Helen Good 20Nov1840 Edinkillie,Morayshire 10May1845 Peebles Morayshire
Hopkirk Helen Stewart 4Nov1843 Peebles Edinburgh
Habkirk Helen Henderson @1852 Habkirk Canada
Hopkirk Helen Hill 4Mar1868 Perth? Melrose Perth
Habkirk Helen @1870/1871 Ontario, Canada Habkirk Canada
Hopkirk Helen Emslie @1880 Inciso,Louis Peebles Edinburgh
Hopekirk Henry Good 7Jun1837(C) Edinkillie 15Oct1843 Peebles Morayshire
Hopkirk HerbertGordon Young @1890 @1956 Bangkok,Thailand unmarried Glasgow Nairobi
Hopkirk Howard Cowles 21Mar1894 Montrose,IA @1963 Melrose USA
Hobkirk Hugh W. Telfer 11June1887 @1960 Wallace, Evelyn Peebles
Hobkirk Ian Kenneth C. Bosanquet 19Jan1908 Cheltenham,GLS,Eng 12Jul1980 Stockcross,HAM,England Muriel & Marjorie Roberton
Hopkirk Isabelle Glassford 21Aug1799 Glasgow Glasgow
Habkirk Isabella Scott 16Dec1831(B) Scotland Elliott-Wilson Habkirk Canada
Hopkirk Isabel Nicholson @1847 Lockridge,IA Sampson,E. Melrose USA
Hopkirk Isabel Redpath @1836 JeffersonCounty,Ohio Bankhead,William Melrose USA
Habkirk Isabella Alison Johnston @1863 Canada Habkirk Canada
Hopkirk James Smellie 14Nov1749 Glassford,Christian Glasgow 1
Hopkirk James Lawrie 16May1756 Melrose June1841 Melrose Wright,Anne Melrose
Hopkirk James Bridges(Briggs) 4Nov1756 Galashiels 14Aug1777 unmarried Melrose
Hobkirk James @1772 Peebles??? Peebles
Hopkirk James Wright 14Jan1783 Jedburgh Melrose Turnbull,Jean Melrose
Hopkirk James unknown about 1784 Jedburgh 1864 Largs Laurie,Christian Jedburgh Largs
Hobkirk James about 1790 Traquair/Peebles? 1859? Porteous, Ann Peebles
Hobkirk James Porteas 4Feb1793 Crailing,Rox Habkirk
Hobkirk James unknown abt1800-1815 unknown abt 1844? Bearden/Baisden Florida,USA
Hopkirk James Glassford 4Dec1803 Glasgow Canada Hardie,Jessie F. Glasgow Canada
Hobkirk James Hislop 23Sep1804 Peebles Peebles
Hopkirk James Turnbull 23Feb1806 Melrose Melrose
Hopkirk James Home 8Mar1807 Melrose April 1841 Gattonside Melrose
Hopkirk James Laurie about 1810? before 1860 Largs? Dunn , Rachel Jedburgh Largs
Hopkirk James Grieve 20Aug1814 Melrose 25Aug1879 South Africa Morrison,Catherine Alder, Emma Melrose South Africa
Hobkirk James Laidlaw 20Jan1819 Roberton about 1904 Melrose Taylor,MaryScott Roberton
Hobkirk James Porteous 18 July1830 Peebles Peebles
Hobkirk James Beardon 3Apr1836 Florida, USA 13Dec1900 Brinson,3 different Florida,USA
Hopekirk James Good 7Jun1837(B) Liberton,Midlothian 3Nov1909 Edinkillie,Morayshire Peebles Morayshire
Habkirk James Scott 22Oct1837(B) Canada 30Sep1839 Canada died in infancy Habkirk
Hopkirk James Stewart 2Oct1845 Edinburgh 26Oct1916 Edinburgh Emslie,Jane Peebles Edinburgh
Hopkirk James Dunn or Dow @1846 Carra,Ayrshire Taylor,Mary Jedburgh Largs
Hopkirk James Lamont 01Nov1846 Largs Jedburgh Largs
Hopkirk James Morrison 1847 Portsmouth, UK died in infancy Melrose South Africa
Hopkirk James Redpath @1848 Lockridge,IA Toothaker,Harriet Melrose USA
Hobkirk James D. Brinson 6Feb1861 Citra, Florida 4Oct1938 7 wives Florida,USA
Hopkirk James Spottiswoode 12May1865 Scotland 5May1874 Scotland died at @ age 9 Melrose New Zealand
Hopkirk James Taylor 11July1872 Ayr Jedburgh Largs
Hopkirk James Hill 16Feb1874 Perth,Scotland Melrose Perth
Hopkirk James Emslie 1875 Nariw,Margret Peebles Edinburgh
Habkirk James Cowan @1875 Canada Edith Sofie ???? Habkirk Canada
Hobkirk James (Jim) Fowler 22 Dec 1876 Scotland Peebles
Hobkirk James Cuthbert Hall 3Oct1880 Citra, Florida 5Dec1880 Citra, Florida none Florida,USA
Hobkirk James D. Hall 30Jun1887 Citra, Florida 14Feb1924 Evans, Ludie Florida,USA
Hopkirk James A. Daniel 13 Feb 1892 New Zealand 16Apr1951 New Zealand Melrose New Zealand
Habkirk James Orville Calder @1941 Bennett, Mabel Habkirk Canada
Hopkirk James Goodfellow 7Jun1896 Edinburgh 18Dec1914 Peebles Edinburgh
Hopkirk James Cameron @1904 Peebles Edinburgh
Hopkirk Jane Redpath 20Aug1850 Lockridge,IA 19Jun1872 Lockridge,IA unmarried Melrose USA 1
Hopkirk Jane Good 11Jan1851(C) Edinkillie,Morayshire Peebles Morayshire
Hopkirk Jane Gutherie 30Aug1878 Largs Jedburgh Largs
Hopkirk Jane Taylor @1879 Largs Jedburgh Largs
Hopkirk Jane Emslie Goodfellow 4Dec1894 Edinburgh 2Sep 1989 Peebles Edinburgh
Hopkirk Janet Grieve 3May1812 Melrose 3Aug1814 Melrose unmarried Melrose
Habkirk JannetGrahamslaw Scott 7Jul1828(B) Eckford,Rox 1902 Canada Henderson,William Habkirk
Hopekirk Janet Good 31Jan1839(C) Edinkillie,Morayshire Peebles Morayshire
Hopkirk Jannet Stewart 30Mar1842 Edinburgh? Peebles Edinburgh
Habkirk Janet Scott Henderson Dec1860 Canada 1914 Canada Habkirk Canada
Hopkirk Janet Greig 30Dec1864 Melrose 1916 New Zealand Melrose New Zealand
Hopkirk Janet M.  Law Hill 4 Jan 1866 Perth? Melrose Perth
Hopkirk Jean Bridges(Briggs) @ 1769 21Aug1770 died in infancy Melrose
Hopkirk Jeanie D. B. Barron 20 Sep 1896 yes Melrose New Zealand
Habkirk Jennett Scott Johnston @1871 Canada Habkirk Canada
Habkirk Jennett @1868/1869 Ontario, Canada Habkirk Canada
Habkirk Jennie Scott Cowan @1879 Canada Habkirk Canada
Hopkirk Jessie Moffatt @1850 Missouri @1941 Crandall,Frank Melrose USA
Hopkirk Jessie E. Emslie @1880 Edinburgh? Milton,Johnnie Peebles Edinburgh
Hopkirk Jessie Cowles 7May1884
Hobkirk Jessie Telfer @1894 Lake, Ben Peebles
Hopkirk Jessie Emslie Goodfellow 23July1911 Edinburgh 29Apr1980 Peebles Edinburgh
Hopkirk Job S. Stevens died in infancy Jedburgh Largs
Hopkirk John Paterson 9Dec1705 Glasgow before1709 Glasgow died in infancy Glasgow
Hopkirk John Paterson 3May1709 Glasgow Glasgow
Hopkirk John Paterson 12Aug1753 Galashiels before 1755 died in infancy Melrose
Hopkirk John Bridges(Briggs) 1July1755 Galashiels Melrose
Hopkirk John 1750-1760? Jedburgh/Galashiels? Jedburgh
Hopkirk John Wright 5Jul1789 Melrose Melrose
Hopkirk John Glassford about 1789 Glasgow
Hobkirk John Porteas 28Nov1804(B) Crailing,Rox Habkirk
Habkirk John Hislop 4May1806(C) Peebles 26Jan1880 Edinkillie,Morayshire Good,Margaret Peebles Morayshire
Hopkirk John Home 01Apr1809 Melrose 1875 Lockridge, Iowa Nicholson,  Jane Melrose USA 1, 1,
Hobkirk John Laidlaw 27Nov1826 Ashkirk, ROX 4July1876 Edinburgh Leishman,Margaret Roberton
Habkirk John Scott 22Jan1842(B) Canada Cowan,Mary Habkirk
Hopkirk John Morrison Oct 1844 1845 unmarried Melrose South Africa
Hopkirk John Good 1Mar1847(C) Edinkillie,Morayshire Peebles Morayshire
Hopkirk John Nicholson @1849 Lockridge,IA 19Feb1904 Lockridge,IA Danielson,Louisa Melrose USA
Hopkirk John Stewart 1Feb1849 21Apr1855 Edinburgh Peebles Edinburgh
Habkirk John Frank Henderson 13Oct1855 1945 1.Casey, 2.Barbour Habkirk Canada
Hopkirk John Stewart 6Jun1863 Edinburgh Peebles Edinburgh
Hopkirk John Brown Spottiswoode 20Aug1867 Markinch,Scotland New Zealand Pilcher,Emily Melrose New Zealand
Hopkirk John Hill 9Apr1872 Perth,Scotland Melrose Perth
Habkirk John Cowan Cowan @1873 Canada ??? Habkirk Canada
Habkirk John Johnston Johnston @1877 Canada Habkirk Canada
Hopkirk John Danielson @1881 Lockridge, IA unmarried Melrose USA
Hopkirk John Gutherie 13Mar1895 Largs Muriel  (private) Jedburgh Largs
Hopkirk John Keith Pilcher 25Jun1897 New Zealand 22Mar1899 New Zealand died in infancy Melrose New Zealand
Hopkirk John J.(Jack) Daniel 4Aug1898 New Zealand 6 Aug1987 Melrose New Zealand
Habkirk John Wesley ??? @1914 Canada 22 Sep 1950 Vancouver, Canada Carmical, Jean Hall Habkirk Canada
Habkirk John Gordon Heatherington @1919 Canada @1988 Canada McGaw, Clarice Habkirk Canada
Habkirk Joseph S. Scott 23Sep1839(B) Canada 1901 Canada Johnstone,Margaret Habkirk Canada
Hopkirk Joseph Spottiswoode 31Jan1858 Scotland 1950 New Zealand unmarried Melrose New Zealand
Habkirk Joseph Earnest Johnston @1880 Canada Habkirk Canada
Hopkirk Joseph E(Jack) Pilcher 13 Mar1912 New Zealand 9 Aug 1984 Melrose New Zealand
Hopkirk Kenneth Kirkman @1893 South Africa Frances? Melrose South Africa
Hopkirk Kenneth Home Pilcher 27 Apr1901 New Zealand 1 May 1988 Melrose New Zealand
Hopkirk Lillian Redpath 30Jun1846 Lockridge, IA Hanson,Benjamin Melrose USA
Hobkirk Lillie Hall 14Nov1881 Citra,Florida Dec1881 Citra,Florida none Florida,USA
Hopkirk Lowell Danielson @1883 Lockridge,IA unmarried Melrose USA
Hopkirk Lucy Moffatt @1860 Missouri Copeland,Bart Melrose USA
Hopkirk Madeline Barron 8Apr1894 New Zealand 29 May 1927 Melrose New Zealand
Hopkirk Margaret Smellie 9May1758 Glasgow
Hopkirk Margeret Wright 22May1791 Melrose Melrose
Hobkirk Margaret Hislop 17Apr1803 Peebles Peebles
Hobkirk Margaret Porteas 17Feb1807 Crailing,Rox Habkirk
Hobkirk Margaret Laidlaw 31Jan1813 Roberton after 1881 Beattie,Adam Roberton
Habkirk Margaret Scott 19Dec1819(B) Scotland Scott,Francis Habkirk
Hobkirk Margaret Porteous 14Feb1823 Peebles Peebles
Hopkirk Margaret Good 22Jul1842(C) Edinlillie,Morayshire Peebles Morayshire
Hopkirk Margaret B Lamont 10Mar1844 Largs Brown, John Jedburgh Largs
Hopkirk Margret Stewart 10Sep1854 25Nov1855 Peebles Edinburgh
Hopkirk Margret Stewart 14Nov1858 Leith Minnesota? Smith & MacPhail Peebles Edinburgh
Hopkirk Margaret Alder 1859 South Africa 1920 South Africa Mr. Love Melrose South Africa
Hopkirk Margeret I. Greig 19Mar1868 Perth,Scotland 1891 New Zealand   Melrose New Zealand
Hopkirk Margaret Taylor 15Sep1875 Jedburgh Largs
Hopkirk Margaret K Gills 14July1872 Largs McAllum,Duncan Jedburgh Largs
Hopkirk Margaret Fyffe McLean 14 Sep 1893 New Zealand Melrose New Zealand
Habkirk Margaret Helen H Hunter 1928 Canada 1927 Canada
Hopkirk Marrion(F) Turnbull 8Apr1810 Melrose horse accident Melrose
Hopkirk Marion B. Greig 29Jun1872 Perth,Scotland 1949 New Zealand Melrose New Zealand
Hopkirk Marty Unknown about 1969? Jean UK 1,2,3
Hopkirk Mary Paterson 6Jul1712 Glasgow before1719 Glasgow unmarried Glasgow
Hopkirk Mary Paterson 15Feb1719 Glasgow Glasgow
Hopkirk Mary Smellie 13Nov1744 Glasgow
Hopkirk Mary Smellie 14Jan1757 Glasgow
Hopkirk Mary Smellie ? Glasgow
Hopkirk Mary Glassford 15Mar1796 Glasgow Glasgow
Hopkirk Mary Wright 4Aug1799 Melrose after 1881 unmarried Melrose
Hopkirk Mary Lamont 10Jan1855 Largs Jedburgh Largs
Hopkirk Mary Ellen Moffatt 1Apr1858 Missouri Feaster,James Melrose USA
Hopkirk Mary U. Redpath 25Feb1842 Lockridge,IA Brown,David Melrose USA
Habkirk Mary @1859/60 Ontario, Canada Habkirk Canada
Habkirk Mary Henderson @1862/63 Canada 1920 Canada Matthews, James Habkirk Canada
Hobkirk Mary Louise Hindmarch 31 May 1871 10Feb1931 Benton Peebles
Hopkirk Mary Stevens 26Apr1873 Largs before 1875 Largs died in infancy Jedburgh Largs
Hopkirk Mary Jane Stevens 10Apr1875 Largs 30Apr1958 Largs Jedburgh Largs
Hopkirk Mary Emslie @1877 Peebles Edinburgh
Hopkirk Mary Taylor after 1883 Largs Jedburgh Largs
Hopkirk Mary Kirkman @1889 South Africa Melrose South Africa
Hopkirk Mary D.S. McLean 1Feb 1897 New Zealand 5 May 1976   Melrose New Zealand
Hopkirk Mary (May) Goodfellow 28Jul1903 Edinburgh @1994 unmarried Peebles Edinburgh 1
Habkirk Matthew Barr Henderson 7Oct1853 22Mar1930 McMillan,Margaret Habkirk Canada
Hopkirk Maybell Danielson 8Dec1884 Lockridge,IA 15Nov1956 German,S Melrose USA
Habkirk Minnie Jane Palterman 7Feb1894 Fowler,Foster Thomas Habkirk Canada
Hopkirk Neill Bates @1905 died in infancy Melrose USA
Habkirk Norma Jean Greive @1913 Canada @1961 Canada Sills, George D'Orleon Habkirk Canada
Habkirk Norman George Palterman 11Oct1898 12Mar1955 Ball, Pamela Habkirk Canada
Hopkirk Oswald Robert Pilcher 11 Dec1907 New Zealand @1990 Melrose New Zealand
Hopkirk Otto Young @1890 Feb 1915 France Glasgow Nairobi
Hopkirk Peter L. Lamont 27Dec1857 Largs Jedburgh Largs
Hopkirk Peter Gutherie @1880's Jedburgh Largs
Hopkirk Rachel Taylor after 1883 Largs Jedburgh Largs
Hopkirk Robert Wright 30Apr1797 Melrose unmarried Melrose
Hobkirk Robert Porteas 22May1801(B) Crailing,Rox Habkirk
Hobkirk Robert Laidlaw 3Dec1809 Roberton before 1911 Tundergarth,DFS Grierson,Elisabeth Roberton
Hopkirk Robert Laurie about 1814 Haddington Lamont,Mary Jedburgh Largs
Hopkirk Robert Home 25Nov1817 Melrose 14Jun1900 New Zealand Miss Wood? Catherine Greig Melrose New Zealand
Hopkirk Robert Turnbull 11May1823 Jedburgh Melrose
Habkirk Robert Scott 7Apr1826(B) Eckford,Rox 9Jan1928 Johnstone,Belle Habkirk
Hobkirk Robert Porteous 7 Aug 1840 Penicuik,MID,SCOT Fowler, Annie Peebles
Hopkirk Robert Redpath @1844 Lockridge,IA @1864 Memphis,Tenn unmarried Melrose USA
Hopkirk Robert Dunn or Dow @1848 Largs? Gills,Agnes Jedburgh Largs
Hopkirk Robert Lamont 02Sep1849 Largs Gutherie,Janet M. Jedburgh Largs
Hopkirk Robert Good 27Jan1855 Edinkillie,Morayshire Peebles Morayshire
Hopkirk Robert Stewart 27Sep1856 Leith Peebles Edinburgh
Habkirk Robert Scott Henderson 3Oct1857 Canada @1928 Canada Palterman,ElizabethAnn Habkirk Canada
Hopkirk Robert Home Spottiswoode 16Feb1863 Scotland 3Aug1927 New Zealand Barron, Jane Melrose New Zealand
Habkirk Robert @1863/64 Ontario, Canada Habkirk Canada
Hopkirk Robert Greig 20Jun1866 Perth,Scotland 1948 New Zealand Burch,Susannah E. Melrose New Zealand
Hopkirk Robert Stevens 17Nov1868 Largs 14Jul1885 Largs unmarried Jedburgh Largs
Hopkirk Robert Gutherie 8Aug1875 Largs Jedburgh Largs
Hobkirk Robert Fowler 4Sep 1878 Maryhill, Scotland Martin, Martha L. Peebles USA
Habkirk Robert Morley Barbour @1879 Canada @1942 Maude ? Habkirk Canada
Hopkirk Robert Taylor @1881 Largs Jedburgh Largs
Habkirk RobertRansford Palterman 28Apr1883 3Mar1893 Habkirk Canada
Hopkirk Robert E.B. Burch 4Sep1894 New Zealand 1973 Mason, Ethel H. Melrose New Zealand
Habkirk Robert Scott Grieve @1906 Canada @1963 Hudson, Susan May Habkirk Canada
Hopkirk Rollin J. Cowles 10Apr1889 Agency,IA Harriet (private) Melrose USA 1
Hopkirk Ruth Cowles 17Jun1879 Burlington,IA 24Feb1881 died in infancy Melrose USA
Hobkirk Stuart W. T. Leishman 17Feb1868 Edinburgh 4Jan1940 St.Ives,CON,England Roberton 1
Hopkirk Susanna M Burch 9Feb1892 New Zealand 10Jan1954 New Zealand Melrose New Zealand
Hopkirk Sybil Eliza Daniel 26 Apr 1900 New Zealand 1 Aug 1993 Melrose New Zealand
Hopkirk Thomas Paterson 22Jan1716 Glasgow Smellie,Elizabeth Glasgow
Hopkirk Thomas Smellie 26Nov1759 Glasgow
Hopkirk Thomas Jane ? 14Jun1782 ? 6Feb1830 Kingston,Jamaica Vandertromp, Mary Glasgow Nairobi
Hopkirk Thomas Glassford 4Jul1785       Glasgow 23Aug1841 Belfast,N.I. Farlane, Agnes Glasgow No.Ireland
Hopkirk Thomas Wright 10Apr1803 Melrose Melrose
Hobkirk Thomas Turnbull 8Dec1816 Jedburgh Melrose
Hopkirk Thomas Vandertromp @1819 ? Ethan, Kent? unknown Glasgow Nairobi
Hopkirk Thomas Laurie 31July1825 Renfrow,Scotland Jedburgh
Hobkirk Thomas Laidlaw 26Apr1829 Ashkirk, ROX,SCT Roberton
Hobkirk Thomas Porteous 20May1832 Peebles Hindmarch,Elinor Peebles
Habkirk Thomas P Palterman 27Dec1879 10Feb1936 Grieve,Bertha Mabel Habkirk Canada
Hobkirk Thomas Hindmarch 27Nov1881 2 July 1909 Peebles
Hopkirk Thomas Gutherie @1880's Largs Jedburgh Largs
Hobkirk Vida Lavina Hall 19Apr1885 Citra, Florida 28May1969 Florida,USA
Hopkirk Vivian Albert Daniel 29Jun1901 New Zealand 1985 Melrose New Zealand
Hopkirk Walter Wright 26Oct1794 Melrose Melrose
Hopkirk Walter Home 22Apr1821 Melrose Missouri Moffat, Mary Melrose USA
Hopkirk Walter Aitken Redpath died in infancy(18mo) Melrose USA
Hopkirk Walter Daniel 16Oct1894 New Zealand   23Nov 1942 Melrose New Zealand
Hopkirk William @ 1650-60 Melrose
Hopkirk William @1652 Cranstoun? Glasgow
Hopkirk William @1685 Melrose 14May1753 Galashiels Hunter,Isobel Melrose
Hopkirk William Hunter 7Nov1714 Melrose Melrose Tait, Isobel


Hopkirk William Paterson 28Apr1745 Galashiels Melrose
Hopkirk William Wright 25Dec1780(B) Jedburgh Melrose Home,Isabelle Melrose
Hobkirk William 23Sep1781 Roberton Laidlaw, Agnes Roberton
Habkirk William Porteas 8Nov1795 Crailing,Rox Scott,Jannet Habkirk
Hopkirk William Turnbull 27Dec1807 Melrose Melrose
Hopkirk William Home 09May1811 Melrose 16Jul1891 Lockridge, Iowa Redpath, (Mary) Jane Melrose USA 1,
Hobkirk William Laidlaw 15Dec1811 Roberton about 1870 Teviothead,ROX Roberton
Hopkirk William Hislop 30Jan1814(B) Peebles   22Jun1875 Edinburgh Stewart,Elizabeth Peebles Edinburgh
Hopkirk William Grieve @1817-20 Melrose Heriot, Isabella Melrose UK
Hopkirk William Laurie 19Jun1819 Glasgow Jedburgh ?
Hobkirk William Porteous 5 July1824 Peebles Rae, Ann Peebles
Habkirk William Scott 25May1833(B) Scotland ????,Jessie Habkirk
Hopkirk William Nicholson 13Oct1843 Lockridge,IA Nov1917 Lockridge Cowles,Marietta Melrose USA 1,
Hopkirk William Redpath @1838 JeffersonCounty,Ohio @1862 Memphis,Tenn Ferris, Laura Ann Melrose USA
Hopkirk William Stewart 18Dec1847 17Dec1874 Edinburgh Peebles Edinburgh
Hopkirk William Good 4Jan1849(C) Edinkillie,Morayshire Peebles Morayshire
Habkirk William Henderson @1850 Anderson, Elizabeth Habkirk Canada
Hopkirk William (Willie) Spottiswoode 24Jan1857 Scotland Daniel,Mary Melrose New Zealand
Habkirk William @1862/63 Ontario, Canada Habkirk Canada
Habkirk William Porteus Johnston @1869 Canada McNevin, Viola Tina Habkirk Canada
Habkirk William Scott Cowan @1870 Canada Habkirk Canada
Hopkirk William J. Greig 29Jan1870 Perth,Scotland 18Dec1920 New Zealand Melrose New Zealand
Hopkirk William   Emslie   10Dec1871 Edinburgh 15Jan1953 Edinburgh Goodfellow,Agnes Peebles Edinburgh
Hopkirk William T. Taylor 6Nov1873 Jedburgh Largs
Hopkirk William H. R. Hill 8Jan1870 Perth, Scotland Melrose Perth
Habkirk William Garnet Calder @1920 Hudson, Margaret Habkirk Canada
Hopkirk William S. Daniel 17 May1893 New Zealand 1June 1916 ? Melrose New Zealand
Hopkirk William Goodfellow 10Feb1907 Edinburgh March1991 Peebles Edinburgh

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