James HOBKIRK was the son of James HOBKIRK and Elizabeth BEARDEN/BAISDEN

James HOBKIRK was born on 3 April 1836, in either Duval County, Florida or Citra, Marion County, Florida
It is believed that James served in the Civil War and possibly the Seminole Indian Wars over the Florida Territory.

James HOBKIRK married Virginia L. BRINSON in Circa, Florida on 6 November 1858.  Virginia was born on 30 October 1842 and died 30 December 1890.  There is one known child:, James D. HOBKIRK, from this union.

James HOBKIRK later married Lucy V J BRINSON, who was born in 1853 and died in Nevember 1894.  There were no children from the second marriage.

James HOBKIRK married a third time, to Fannie Brinson.  There are no known children from this union.

James D. HOBKIRK was born 6 February 1861 at Citra, Marion County, Florida, the only known child of James HOBKIRK and Virginia L. BRINSON.

The younger James D. HOBKIRK married at least 7 times.
James D. HOBKIRK married May HALL on 10 July 1879 at Citra, Marion County, Florida.  May HALL was born 2 October 1864 and died 28 January 1901, shortly after giving birth.
James D. HOBKIRK and May HALL had the following children, all born at Citra, Marion County, Florida:

     James Cuthbert HOBKIRK, born 3 October 1880 and died 05 December 1880.

     Lillie HOBKIRK, born 14 November 1881 and died December 1881.

     Allen Lucius HOBKIRK, born 9 November 1882 and died 15 March 1943.

     Vida Lavina HOBKIRK, born 19 April 1885.  Vida had 5 children and died 28 May 1969.

     James D. HOBKIRK, born 30 June 1887.  James had one child and died 14 February 1924.

     Gertrude HOBKIRK, born 8 October 1889.  Gertrude had three children and died in October 1969.

     Ethel Estelle HOBKIRK, born 2 September 1897. Ethel had two children and died 24 July 1990.

James D. HOBKIRK married Martha(Mattie) Lee HALL on 15 July 1901. Mattie died on 12 August 1901.

James D. HOBKIRK married Amanda PRESSLEY on 27 December 1901.

James D. HOBKIRK married Lillie F. WALDRON on 9 March 1904. Lillie died 16 December 1906.
James D. HOBKIRK and Lillie F. WALDRON one child:

     Ardis HOBKIRK, born 18 November 1904. Ardis served in WWII and died in February 1976.

James D. HOBKIRK married Bessie LANIER on November 19, 1906.  Bessie and James had a daughter born on October 1909.

James D. HOBKIRK married Effie D. POWELL on 23 August 1908.

James D. HOBKIRK married Estella ROBERTSON on 19 January 1912. Estella was born 20 March 1889 and died 15 December 1973. James D. HOBKIRK and Estrella ROBERTSON had 5 children.

From the 1920 census we find James, age 58, Stella age 33, Carlos, age 7, Mary A, age 4, Rosa, age 3, Virginia L, age 10 and Ardis age 16. James is a farmer. Virginia L. HOBKIRK must be the daughter born in 1909 to Bessie LANIER.

From the 1930 census we find James, age 68, living in Citra, Marion County, Florida with his wife Estella, age 41 and the following children: Ardis, age 25, Carlos, age 17, Mary A. age 15, Rosa, age 13, J.D. age 6 and Eula M age 4. James is a farmer, Ardis is a fisherman and Carlos is a "chopper" at a "tie camp"

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