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Do you know what part of Scotland (or the UK) your branch of the family is from?

Can you trace your family back to around 1920? (For the time being, we will not be posting any information on persons born after approximately 1920.)

If so, you may be able to find information on your ancestors here.

If you are a Hopkirk, Hobkirk, Habkirk or Hopekirk, or descended from one and you don't find your relatives listed, please email me at so that your portion of the family can be included.

Below you will find family trees and other information on various branches of the family. All sections are open.

Hopkirk Family from Dalkeith  This is the origin of most of the Scottish branches of the family(Glasgow, Nairobi, Melrose & both Jedburgh)

Hopkirk Family from Melrose   (Found in New Zealand, USA, South Africa, England, etc.)(Same DNA as LARGS branch)

Hopkirk Family from Glasgow  (this branch is also in Northern Ireland and Canada)  

Hopkirk Family from Peebles (this branch is also Edinburgh, Morayshire, Tennessee, USA, and Australia)    

Hopkirk Family from Jedburgh (this is the source of the LARGS branch, and is also in London, Canada, USA, Germany and Saudi Arabia)      (Same DNA as MELROSE branch) 

Hopkirk Family from Sunderland (this branch is found in various UK locations)  (Click here to see  new info about Adam Hopkirk from 1798)

Hopkirk Family from Colorado, USA  (this will be the title of this branch until we know more)

Hopkirk Family from Nairobi (Thanks to DNA testing, this branch is connected to the Glasgow Hopkirks)

Hobkirk Family from Roberton

Hobkirk Family from Roberton #2 This family is the source of the HOBKIRK SEWING MACHINE COMPANY

Hobkirk Family from Florida (and probably South Carolina)

Habkirk/Hobkirk Family from Jedburgh(Most of the Canadian and USA HABKIRKS, and some of the Lisbon Township, St. Lawrence County, New York HOBKIRKS) This line was updated on April, 15, 2003 **

Hobkirk Family from Wilton, Roxburghshire (Many USA Hobkirks trace their roots here.)

Hobkirk Family from Peebles, Peebleshire  (Many USA Hobkirks trace their roots here)

Hobkirk Family of Ancrum and Hawick

Hobkirk Family of Southdean, near Hawick (Including some of the Lisbon Township, St. Lawrence County, New York HOBKIRKS) **
          Go Here to see photos from the area of the original family homestead, purchsed in 1833.

Hobkirk Family of Durham, England  (Some descendants are located in Australia)

Hobkirk Family of Westminster, London, England  (Some descendants are located in Australia & P.E.I.)  

The HOPEKIRK Family  

Hobkirk Family of Stokesley(Yorkshire) and Newcastle, Durham  

Hobkirk Family of Whitby, Yorkshire

Hobkirk Family of Cavers

Hobkirk Family of Ashkirk

Hopkirk Family of Gateshead, Durham (new)

Hobkirk Family from Peebles, Peebleshire2    Descendants of this family are in South Africa


**(Please note: It is very likely that the "Habkirk/Hobkirk Famil    y of Jedburgh" and the "Hobkirk Family of Southdean, near Hawick" are related somehow. Both have births in the same area of Scotland in the late 1820's and births in the same area of Upstate New York in the early 1830's)


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