Our thanks goes to David L. Hobkirk, and his Uncles Maxwell Hobkirk and the Reverend Walter Hobkirk for compiling and supplying most of the information on the "Hobkirk Family of Southdean."

See also the wonderful History of the Southdean Hobkirk Family created by Rosemary Irving.

(Memo: Some original parish records look like Jane Scott may have gone by the name of "Teany." This could also just be a fancy letter "J" which looks like a "T".)

Adam HOBKIRK's father may have been named John, since Adam's oldest son was named John.
(In the I.G.I. records there is only one Adam Hobkirk listed with a father named John Hobkirk.
He was born 14 January 1750 in Cavers, Roxburghshire, Scotland.
The death record for Adam Hobkirk may show his age at date of death)

Adam HOBKIRK (of Todlaw) worked on farms or estates at Abbotrule, Grange and Todlaw.
Adam died on 25 February 1829.

Adam was married to Jane Scott, and they had the following known children:

John HOBKIRK was born at Abbotrule and christened 23 November 1788 at Hawick, Roxburghshire.

Archibald HOBKIRK was born at Grange and christened on 24 January 1790 at Southdean, Roxburghshire.

Mary HOBKIRK was born at Grange 20 December 1792. Family history says she married Thomas Glind.
(NOTE: On 27 March 1812 a Mary HOBKIRK married a Thomas SCOTT in Southdean)

Adam HOBKIRK was born and christened on 14 November 1795 in Southdean, Roxburghshire.

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