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John(6) HOPKIRK was the second son, and third child of William(5) HOPKIRK and Isabella HOME, born 01 April 1809.

John(6) HOPKIRK was named after his mother's father.

John(6) HOPKIRK traveled to the USA, along with his brother William and William's wife Jane REDPATH . They left Melrose on March 4, 1834, the day after the marriage of William and Jane, and travelled to Liverpool. From Liverpool they travelled by the ship Sheffield to New York City, arrivng on April 14, 1834.

They first settled in Rochester New York, as linen dyers.  Around 1838 John moved to Iowa. In the letter section of this site see the transcript of the letter written by John(6) HOPKIRK to his brother William.

On 19 May 1842, in Jefferson County Iowa, John(6) HOPKIRK married Jane NICHOLSON.  They had the following children:

     William(7) Hume HOPKIRK, born 13 Oct 1843, in Lockridge, Iowa

     Beatrice(7) HOPKIRK, born about 1845, in Lockridge, Iowa. Beatrice married Birney W. SNOW on 11 June
          1881. Beatrice died on 21 jan 1903, in Lockridge, Iowa.  Birney Snow died on 16 Jun 1885, Spirit Lake.

     Isabel(7) HOPKIRK, born about 1847, in Lockridge, Iowa. She married Ezekial SAMPSON. They had no children.

     John(7) HOPKIRK, born about 1849 in Lockridge, Iowa.

     David(7) HOPKIRK. born about 1852.  He married Ida Raney. They had one child, Lois(8) HOPKIRK. She married George


From the 1856 Iowa census we find John Hopkirk, age 47, born in Scotland, a farmer, resided in Iowa since 1839. Jane Hopkirk, age 46, born in England, resided in Iowa since 1842. Also, William age 12, Beatrice age 10, Isabel age 8, John age 6, and David age 4

In the 9 July 1860 census we find John owning 60 acres improved, and 255 acres unimproved valued at $3,000. Value of farming implements is $50. He has 11 horses and 5 "milch cows", 6 other cattle, 11 sheep, 24 swine, and the value of his livestock is $400. He has 120 bushels of wheat, 1,100 bushels of Indian corn, 114 bushels of oats, and 36 pounds of wool.

From the 1880 census we find Jane, age 70 keeping house, Beatrice age 34 keeping house, David age 27 farmer, neice Alice Nicholson age 23 and two boarders, J. S. Barnes age 24 a school teacher, and O. F. Sundwall, age 21 a farmer laborer.

From the 1885 Iowa census we find Jane HOPKIRK, age 75 living with her son David, age 32. Jane is "keeping house" and David is a "Postmaster" Jane was born in England and David  in Jefferson County, Iowa

View the monument along Highway 34 in Lockridge, Iowa in front of the family homestead built in the early 1850's.
The monument marks the burial location of John Hopkirk and his wife Jane.

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