Robert(4) HOPKIRK and Janet M. GUTHERIE

Robert(4) Hopkirk was the third son of Robert HOPEKIRK and Mary LAMONT. Robert(2) was born on 2 Sep 1849.
On 18 Oct 1872 he married Janet M. Gutherie. From death records we know Robert HOPKIRK passed away on 19 March 1933 at Irvine Place, Largs, age 83, from myocarditis one year.  The informant was his son Duncan HOPKIRK, present at death. Robert was survived by his wife Janet GUTHERIE. Robert's occupation is listed as Yachtsman. Robert's father is listed as Robert, a fishmonger.

Robert HOPKIRK and Janet M. GUTHERIE had the following children:

     Jane(5) Murchie HOPKIRK, born 30 Aug 1873, Largs.  Jane married John Cook in Largs in 1894.  Family
          members remember Jane being called Jean. John Cook died in a World War I raid on Glasgow.

     Robert(5) HOPKIRK, born 8 Aug 1875, Largs. Robert married Agnes Parker CLYDE.  Robert and Agnes had
          a son named Robert. Agnes Parker CLYDE passed away on 16 September 1945. Age was unclear, either 63 or 68.
          The informant was Robert HOPKIRK.   Descendants of Robert live in Barrhead, Scotland.
(See also Thomas below)

     David(5) HOPKIRK, born about 1880 and died 21 June 1905.  Janet probably had a brother named David.
          See 1901 census info below. Notice the David below was also born at Saltcoats, like Janet.
          Also, since Janet's second son was named David, Janet Guthrie's father was probably named David.   

Per the 1881 Census, this family consisted of Janet(wife) Jane(7), Robert(5) and David(1), all born in Largs and living at 14 Boyd Street. Husband Robert was not present in the household at the time of the the census.

     Duncan(5) HOPKIRK, born about 1882.  Duncan died 18 August 1954.

     James(5) HOPKIRK, born about 1886. James married Margaret McKenzie STEWART on 7 Sept 1911. James
          was a grocer in Largs.  James and Margaret had a son and daughter born in Largs.  James sold his
          grocery store to "Jimmach" HOPKIRK's son.   

     Thomas(5) HOPKIRK, born about 1889. He married Jamesina McIndoe WILSON. Thomas died 1 July 1989,
          aged 100 years.  Descendants of this couple live in the Barrhead area.
(See also Robert above)

     Peter(5) HOPKIRK, born 4 Aug 1891. Peter married Jessie McFarland ANDERSON on 4 June 1920.  Peter
          and Jessie had a son named Jarvis Coats HOPKIRK. Jarvis was born 24 Dec 1922 and died 25 Aug
          1949.  Peter(5) died in Largs 17 October 1974.   

     Agnes(5) HOPKIRK, born 13 Mar 1895.  She never married

     John(5) HOPKIRK, born 13 Mar 1895.  Descendants of John(5) Hopkirk can be found in Canada and the UK.
          The family had grown too large and John was raised by relatives, sonetime after 1901.

From the 1901 census, this family is still living at 14 Boyd Street, Largs. Robert is listed as 51, a yacht master, born in Largs. His wife Janet is listed as 51, born in Saltcoats. Also living in the household are: son David, age 21, unmarried, a joiner by trade; son James, age 15, an assistant grocer; son Thomas, age 12, a scholar, son Peter, age 9 a scholar: and the twins, John and Agnes, age 6. This household consists of 3 rooms with 1 or more windows.
Also living in the same building are Robert and Janet's daughter's family consisting of: John Cook, married, age 31, a baker foreman, Jeannie, age 27, and children janet, age 7, Margaret, age 5, James age 3, Robert age 1, and mary 2 months, all born in Largs.   

Living at 20 Boyd Street, Largs is David GUTHRIE, 46, born at Saltcoats. He is a painter, married with 6 children. He is the employer of Duncan McCALLUM, living next door at 22 Boyd Street, Largs, with the wife  Margaret Hopkirk McCALLUM and children. David GUTHRIE is probably the sister of Janet GUTHRIE, a cousin of Margaret HOPKIRK McCALLUM'S father Robert HOPKIRK.

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