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Agnes GILLS sister, Isabella GILLS, was the actress Myrna Loy's grandmother.

Robert(4) Dunn HOPKIRK was the second son of James HOPKIRK and Rachel DUNN

On 19 September 1871 Robert(2) HOPKIRK married Agnes GILLS in Largs.

They had a daughter named Margaret(5) Kennedy HOPKIRK in Largs on 14 July 1872. One of the witnesses at the wedding was Mary Allan. Please notice from the 1891 census, there is an adopted son with the same last name of Allan.

On the 1881 census, this family grouping still consisted of Robert, age 33; Agnes, age 32; and daughter Maggie, age 8. They lived at 22 Boyd Street, Largs. Robert was a Fish Salesman.

On the 1891 census, this family consists of Robert, Agnes and an "adopted son Thomas Allan, age 1."

In 1894 Margaret(5) K. HOPKIRK married Duncan McALLUM.  Margaret and Duncan had a daughter named Agnes Gills McCallum on June 6, 1895 and a son named Archibald McCallum on 22 December 1896.

Agnes Gills HOPKIRK passed away in 1900 in Largs.

From the 1901 census, we find Robert HOPKIRK, born in Largs, living at 30 Nelson Street, Largs, age 55, a widower and fisherman, working on his own account, and his son Thomas HOPKIRK, age 11, born in Greenock, Renfrow. Robert's brother James HOPKIRK is also living in this household. He is listed as married, age 57, a fisherman on account, born in Argyllshire, Ardlamont. We know this is the correct family, since there is also a 1901 census listing for Robert and Janet HOPKIRK, a another family in Largs with similarly aged brother James and son Thomas. Thomas is no longer listed as adopted in 1901. Could Thomas be the son of Mary Allan?

Living at 20 Boyd Street, Largs is David GUTHRIE, 46, born at Saltcoats. He is a painter, married with 6 children. He is the employer of Duncan McCALLUM, living next door at 22 Boyd Street, Largs, with the wife and children listed above. David GUTHRIE is probably the sister of Janet GUTHRIE, a cousin of Robert HOPKIRK.

Robert HOPKIRK remarried on 15 August 1902 at 5 Rutherford Lane, Blythswood, Glasgow, United Free Church, to widow Isabella SWEENEY, age 39. Isabella was the daughter of John McINTYRE and Elizabeth LEGGET., who have family in Dumbarton and Ireland.

Robert Dunn HOPKIRK passed away on 3rd May 1914 at the Royal Cancer Hospital, Glasgow, of cancer of the palate.

On 7 April 1916 Agnes Gills McCallum married Alexander Davidson in Largs in 1916. Alexander was from Aberdeen.

As of the time of Agnes Gills McALLUMS wedding in 1916, Duncan McALLUM had passed away, while Margaret K. Hopkirk McALLUM was still living. It is believed that Margaret K. Hopkirk McALLUM moved to either Canada or New Zealand.

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