Jane Murchie HOPKIRK & John COOK
Jane "Jean" Murchie HOPKIRK was the eldest daughter of Robert HOPKIRK & Janet GUTHRIE

"Jean" was born 30 Aug 1873 in Largs.

Jean married John COOK in Largs in 1894.

Jean and John had the following known children:

     Janet COOK, born in Largs about 1894

     Margaret COOK, born in Largs about 1896

     James COOK, born in Largs about 1898

     Robert COOK born in Largs anout 1900

     Mary COOK born in Largs about 1901

     Thomas Hopkirk COOK, born 21 June 1912 Gateside Street, Largs

As of the 1901 census Jean and her husband John were living with her parents Robert and Janet at the family home still located at 14 Boyd Street, Largs. From the census John Cook is married, age 31, a baker foreman, Jeannie is age 27, and they have children Janet, age 7, Margaret, age 5, James age 3, Robert age 1, and Mary 2 months, all born in Largs.

Family members remember Jane being known as "Jean" and that John COOK died in a World War I raid on Glasgow. (Should this be World War II?)
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