Agostino STAGI & Emma BAIOCCHI

Emma BAIOCCHI was  born in 1886, the daughter of Emilio BAIOCCHI and Elvira BERNARDINI

Agostino STAGI was born in 1883, the son of Sante STAGI. View the family tree back to the 1600's in Part 1, below.

Agostino STAGI & Emma BAIOCCHI married, and they had the following children:

     Diva STAGI

     Silvia STAGI

     Gina STAGI

     Lola STAGI

     Divo STAGI


Following are links to the wonderful story of Agostino STAGI, in Italian. The story is Agostino left his homeland and his sweetheart at a young age and traveled to America. He eventually arrived in San Francisco. The full story will be explained better, in English, soon.

In Italian               In English

Part 1                      Part 1 

Part 2                      Part 2

Part 3                      Part 3

Part 4                      Part 4

Part 5                      Part 5

Part 6                      Part 6

Part 7                      Part 7

Part 8                      Part 8

Part 9                      Part 9

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