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I have written these memories knowing that they will come conserved in the archives purposely constituted on personal initiative from the Rag. Mazzanti Nilo, the which prodigal one in the ways more impensati in order to help the lucchesi emigrated in the world to hold the contacts with this they origin earth. Moreover it is itself adoprando alacremente also in order to collect all the news that can testify to the posteri the innumerevoli sacrifices faces ovunque from these ours to you concittadini; the unavoidable endured defeats, but also the succeeded innumerevoli that they more honor our city in the dispersed angles of the five continents.

The fact that anch' I am successful to giving a small contribution to this encomiabile work of the Nilo friend, fills up me the joy heart and asks all those who on this argument has testimonies and memories, of adoprarsi in some way affinchè such wealth do not go destroyed in the forgetfulness.


* The Prof. Guglielmo Lera, in order to have to me helped to trace the Author of the backs that I have intentional to cite in first page and that I remembered to memory in order to have learns them to you to school beyond 60 Anna makes, but I did not remember that they are of Giacomo Zanella.

* The Prof. Linen Red, in order to have reconstructed in the design the Stagi Court to Low Fagnan', as second was in 30 years ` my memories.

* The Rag. Nilo Mazzanti, in order to have procurato the photocopy to me of an exited newspaper of age to New York the 18 You open them 1906 with the news of the earthquake to S. Francisco and a photocopy of other newspaper of age where the photo of the Bank of the Fugazi appears.

Mrs. Ghilardi of the store "Ghilardi Photos", in order to have me procurato the photo of the trebbiatrice with the scene of all the similar one to that one in which it was found "Taste" when it saw... "a de' arivà tui..."

* Mr. Ettore Cortopassi, than opportunely me gave personally the two photos of the Palace of the Of the lictor one (seen and inner view external); that one of the Manufacture Tobaccos seen from S. Door Anna, and that one that extension Run Garibaldi with the first women in bicycle to the age in which us my mother went also, that is towards 1910.

* All the other photos I them have made.

* The photocopies of several reproduced documents, I have cured them personally rifaring me to originates them.

Divo Stagi

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