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The sequoie (or reed wood) are coniferous from the life ultramillenarian, high more than center meters and, to the base, they are much wide that in order to embrace wants them to us one ten of men.

It arrives to you on the place, came spontaneous to make to me I before compare with the other my atmosphere of job of two days, with the heated gravel strip and with the interminable row of sventura companions, it folds to back knot to you and without shelter, under the cooking sun.

In order to cancel that vision, it came to me spontaneous to ask: "Carrarino, hour that is made" And it, with attitude much good-natured one, in attended that two assistants arrived the others explained me the art and the secrets of that job. Then he added that from that moment, he would have only spoken to me in English since thought for me the correct use of the language like instrument without of which indispensable I could not cavarmela alone. When you do not understand, he said to me, I you I will repeat, also one hundred times, but troubles to speak itself in Italian. And therefore he was.

Us a lot to understand that did not want the carrarino he was the more most intelligent Bravo and than all the others that made that job. The sequoie are coniferous from the life ultramillenarian high more than one hundred meters and, to the base they are much wide that in order to embrace wants them to us one ten of men. In order to pull down them the other impresarios they put to the base of the plant an enormous charge of trito it without to cure itself that with that system they shattered a log feature of some meter and the plant fell in uncontrolled way. The carrarino, instead, with a rudimentale motor bottoming drill series of holes made to the base of the plant one designing for the just back labbra of one the mouth. Then it filled up the holes with small candelotti of trito it that, when they exploded, blew up via one small full and the plant fell where it wanted he. In that way, regarding the others it obtained two advantages: it saved the loss of a large amount of lumber and at the same time it succeeded to make to fall the plant where it wanted in order to then be able to drag more easily it in the Sacramento river.

After three or four months of job the carrarino, than by now I called confidenzialmene Ghigo as it wanted that you made, had already given for satisfied more moneies than those to me that I had to send my parents in order to reimburse expenses of my travel and, after an other mesetto or two, decided that by now the trade I had learned it and I could very well cavarmela alone. It made the conteggio of how much I had for the bottoming drill but then he did not want null because he said that by now he had paid it and he was not worth larger ché. At the moment to separate to us he remembered to me that, when I had with me of the money, I had to travel always armed holding the very obvious gun to capacity of hand in the cintolone and I did not have to never enter in a "Saloon" if I did not want to end dispersed in a trap door as its portuguese friend and then recommended me not to fire the two assistants because they were of the able and honest workers. Then, after I embrace affectionate as it can be made between father and son, if n' it went in Italy and of it I did not know more nothing.

Once again me it came to cry but this time was tears of happiness in order to have well received as well as and when less me I waited for, from a man apparently rozzo and of little words, but from the large heart as a house and of a generosity from not being able itself to describe.

The conquest of the Freedom in the forest of Sequoie.

That job was one manna. I earned well making it as me it had been taught but I still improved it and already made moneies to shovelfuls. In order to transport enormous the log from the forest to the port of S. Francisco, all the impresarios comprised Ghigo, seized them with of the crane hired scaraventavano and them in the Sacramento river after to have them marchiati to fire and they made them to transport liberations from the current for one sessantina of kilometers in order then to go them to find again in sea after some day. Not there were controls adapted and much log they went dispersed or perhaps he steals to you and I made up for in a simple way. I bought vaporetto a tug and then I chained the log as the vagoni of a train and in this way I towed them straight straight making to approach them one to the time to the ship of the buyer being avoided therefore the laborious and expensive work of ripescaggio and fixing with puntualità the day of arrival and the log amount to deliver to every customer. Nobody never did not copy me and I do not succeed to understand because. With this system all the buyers of sequoie or Reed Wood, as by now I knew to them to call, addressed me and I had to increase the number of the assistants in order to succeed to pull down a greater number of sequoie also because I knew that that job would have been get exaustedded as soon as the road was ended.

To sopraggiungere of that date me dispiacque enormously even if I was very prepared. I liquidated the assistants and after it are to us greets to you from great friends, I went in bank to control the figure who I was successful to put with and when I saw lì written on the sheet with mi' the name, I remained strabiliato and incredulo because I did not succeed to understand as many small mucchietti were resolutions to make a heap therefore large! We took the tremito one to me and, exited outside, I put myself to take a walk to long steps between the stalls of the port where the scent of oranges, the lemons and apples, helped me to breathe to full lungs in order to savour the joy to have conquered anch' I finally it freedom... that freedom that the America, like anyone other, assures yes but to who it has the moneies in order to pay it!

That night sluices eye to the thought of what I would not have had to make in order to try a new job. I did not know nobody, I did not know who to address for a council and knew very well that in the world a second Ghigo does not exist. This thought made me to come in mind that Ghigo had given to a second wealth teaching to me the language to me and therefore hour, after nearly five years from my arrival in America I, in order to try a job could very well address to all with disinvoltura from me only without brothers-in-law and corporals. An idea came me that me was trapelata in the mind the morning before between the thousand scents of the market and returned from those you leave I asked to a wholesaler. From where this verdura comes? It answered: "From the islands... from Oakland". And therefore of question in question I knew that they could quite be had in concession from the Federal property of the land plots of ground or of the islands. The rest came from himself and in little days I succeeded to obtain in state property concession for novantanove years, the property of a island great one score of hectares, arranged in the vicinities of Oakland, that is from the opposite part of the bay but just of forehead to the port of Saint Francisco.

The Small farm: a Farm in the islands of Oakland.

When I arrived to us with my tug, that I renamed "Gasolino" and I only found lì, to immense an extended one of pianeggiante land of water hair, more than to be happy I felt myself sperso but then I made myself of mind and I began to buy all being necessary in order to implant one to us small farm. I began with twelve horses, two plows and some shack where to sleep. Initially I had a ten of laborers who in two years passed to eighty. The horses passed to a venticinquina and in more I had many vacche for the latte ones and the meat from slaughter house for our use; and then pigs, polli, geese, turkeys and two chiattoni of which one, I towed it R-al.mercato all the mornings of loaded with fresh verdure and the other I left it in small farm where me the preperavano cargo for the successive morning.

My laborers were: Norwegian, Japanese Portugueses, French, Spanish; some German and also indios but I did not have not even an Italian to us, therefore I ended nearly with forgetting my maternal language.

A morning me intristii particularly since I became account that in the night I had spoken in English even in the dream. Then, in order to console to me I put myself to remember my companions of infancy, when with they I went to make the scivolini on the ice in the fossone of the railroad between Fagnano and Montuolo. Then me the Puccinelli di Meassin' came to the mind that, in attended of being accepted in Seminary in order makes priest, it did not want more picchià the companions than school not even when the canzonavano therefore glieli scazzottavo I and he, to the hour of merenda, ricompensava giving to me four or five indolcite olives to me.

An idea came me that me was trapelata in the mind the morning before between the thousand scents of the market...

The market of fruit and verdure along the old port of Saint Francisco is still like it left my father. It is the buildings that the pavement are of reed wood.

View of the old port with paving in reed wood.

Still seen of the old port with buildings and equipments in reed wood. Currently it is troneggiano a protected park and us the seals.

But the memory that to more consoled me was that one of when to thirteen years went to work to the Birreria Landucci in Public square of the Pupporona. The Landucci wanted to me well and often it sent to me with the handcart to deliver the beer to the several Cafeterias of the city and I, covering barefoot the roads lastricate in stone, I felt myself scottare the feet long the sunny features and tried a great refrigerio when I put down them on smooth and fresh stones along the ombreggiati features. For the ways of Lucca often I met known people that which greeted me and with exchanged also some word, while here I did not receive never a salute from nobody. Com' is difficult to become accustomed living between people nearly del all disowning and without to meet never an Italian, never a face friend or one any other person with which to be able to exchange a thought!

Once that I had need to assume a cook introduced an Italian finally but with my great astonishment I did not succeed to understand it and I had to speak in English. It was of a paesetto of mountains of the Neapolitan and in that job us it did not resist not even a month because it was dirty and it did not know to cook. The laborers rebelled themselves and I was forced to fire it, with great displeasure and also with great shame.

After this fact I did not want to risk with an other cook and me I put us to replace it. In little time I learned therefore well that the laborers m' encouraged to continue and therefore, for various years, I made also the cook. This double quantity job me cost great sacrifice but it very contributed to strengthen the relationship of friendship with all my laborers.

In order to wash the personal cloth everyone s' ingegnava to way its and I put them in a bag of sturdy mesh net that then I coupled to a flank of "gasolino" and after to have made the travel of round-trip from the market of the verdure, I removed them from the bag very cleaned up. Perhaps continuation of the new climate of friendship, many laborers asked to me if I could make "lavandaio" also for they. I did not want to give to mine employee much confidenza but, when me it was possible, I always tried to please them.

A day a group of they was approached with the attitude of who must ask a large favor and one said to me: "Mister Stagi, you know it that tomorrow they Is been born" Istinctively I answered of yes, but in truth I knew well that from when I had left house, that is they give beyond six years, for me did not exist more neither Been born them neither Passover, and also all other Sundays or festivities, passed for me as normal days and me of it I did not render account. The usual laborer, that obviously he spoke to name about all, added: "you would carry to Us with the" Gasolino "to the Putting in the Church of the Mission in Saint Francisco" I still answered of yes and I demonstrated myself satisfied. The Mission was the only church of Saint Francisco and it was found to the center of the city in Via Cristoforo Columbus. It was before the time that I entered in a church American and the sound of the organ and all that that I looked at myself around, me procurava great emotions. When then the priest intonò the "Gloria in excelsis Deo", such and which like what I sang from boy to Fagnano, came made to me to exclaim: "I lai, the language feels they ` ui... parlin' mi'!" And I affected myself. Then it came made to me to close the eyes and therefore I found again myself of blow in the church of my country, to Fagnan' low and endured risentii the voice der zi' Cricket; of Rigo; of the Taylor; of Davin'; of Pellegro; der Puli and of those grasson' of Lairs, that they then sang to squarciagola in the first benches and the low and found it hard voice of that small group of old, that they were to sede' in the scranni of the chorus behind the altar.

Finally a lucchese!

Finished the Putting, while I came down the gradinata one of the church, my look was attracted from a group of persons who in an angle of the large square churned a trust with the written one: "We are Italian in tries of job". I approached and churches: "there is some from Tuscany one between you" A giovanottone was made ahead and said sfoderando a beautiful smile: "I". - "From where you come, the churches". And ready he: "From Lucca". After a moment of incredulità the churches still: "From that it leave of Lucca". And he: "From Saint Concordio... from the Roton' di San Concordio". We embraced ourselves and came to work from me. Arrives to you in Small farm introduced also the other laborers and for all the day it helped me to cook cakies for all with great joy and finally, after many years, I celebrated the NATO them as I had seen to always make from in house mine. Before then that is, when I was alone and without the shadow of a friend, as I could savour the festivity?

You would carry to us with "gasolino" to the Putting in the Church of the Mission to Saint Francisco?

The Mission was the only Church of Saint Francisco and it was found to the center of the city in via Cristoforo Columbus.

Me it seemed to dream to the idea to have found with which being able to share the joy moments and I thought that if had had it to my flank some year before, sure me it would have been still more profit in order to divide with he also the moments of sconforto. The Lucchesi Livio of the Roton' was Bravo and in short time it became my skillful arm. After some month, resomi account that in small farm I had lost it sight for some hour the churches: "Where six state": And it answered to me ready in maccherònico English: - "Son' ito cor gasolino to portà the sparagrassi and the articiocchi to the marchetta." - "Like? I said, in therefore little time six able state to go to carry asparagi and the carciofi R-al.mercato " Then I noticed also of second the its bravura and added: "Pig Roton' misery, like six state Bravo; between a po' English speaks better than me!"

Hour I had truly of that to be satisfied. The job of the small farm went very well; the laborers were content, worked from me with satisfaction and from much time nobody asked more than to go itself some; my savings increased discreetly and had already caught up a figure than more sufficient in order to construct the house to me in Italy and in more I had an Italian laborer honest Bravo and as well as from potergli entrusting the more delicate duties like sending it to embed the credits or to pour my money in bank.

Perhaps it will have been for this serenity finally conquered that I began to feel more and more insistent a tarlo that me rodeva in bottom to the heart: the child of Meati! That vision I had not never forgotten it but, while until some time to before it introduced itself me in order to console to me in the maximum moments sconforto, hour had invaded my dreams and it did not give truce to me. I began also to think that by now it had sure caught up the just age in order makes a family and therefore I felt always more real the danger than to lose it. This idea obsessed to me because he was fin' too much obvious that a girl from reached husband and for therefore beautiful, could not star lì wait for one of which she did not know null and that perhaps she had not seen.

The earthquake of Saint Francisco

After little time, in 1906, when I was thinking more and more concretely to make one scappata in Italy, Saint Francisco was hit from one frightful earthquake. The greater part of the houses was destroyed is for landslides, is for the fires that divamparono endured for the crash of the tubature of the gas. Also my small farm was destroyed but they do not give to landslides or fire: it was invaded from the waters of the sea that, churned from the earthquake, rigonfiarono and swept up the banks of the island. We saved ourselves salting on the roofs of our shacks and the laborers helped me to save some cow and some horse. All the rest and, obviously the harvest, went lost. The sgomento was serious, and the Lucchesi me was truly of comfort like a brother. After some day, when the waters began to flow down, risistemammo our shacks and the banks and in men' that it is not said, all joining like in family, we resumed to cultivate the verdure.

To the disaster of the earthquake it made followed equally frightful an economic crisis and anch' I began to shake because the voice had been scattered that the Banks were in order to fail and had blocked placed to you. People crowded themselves to the shops in order to capture and anch' I tried to approach myself but me it was not possible because there was too much ressa. After some hour of waited for and painful uncertainty on as it would have gone to end, I felt a din of bugles. They played men to horse who preceded a strange corteo of policemen, also to horse, which to they time escorted of the carts hauled from other horses bards to you to festivity and adorns to you from banners with of the written ones to large characters.

That one was be a matter of the bank of the "Fugazi" where I held all my savings, which, in order to assure the own customers that the voices of its failure were infondate, had decided to let out for the roads of the city that strange corteo of full carts of lingotti of gold and dollars in gold zecchino, so that all could see and be tranquilized. To that vision anch' I pulled a large breath of returned relief and in Small farm, I put myself to the furnace to cook cakies for all, without but specifying the reason.

When the priest intonò the "Gloria in Excelsis Deo" like what I sang from boy to Fagnano me came made to exclaim: "Iolai, feels they ` ui... parlin' mi' the language!"

Finished the Putting, while I came down the gradinata one of the Church, my look was attracted from a group of persons... that they churned a trust with the written one: "We are Italian in tries of job".

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