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They played men to horse who preceded one strange corteo of policemen, also to horse...

The irresistibile callback of the Child of the Bruscello.

After a year from the earthquake, the life began to resume normal school and I ce did not make it more to withhold itself in America. Then I called the Lucchesi and after avergli explained the things, I said to it that I would have entrusted it the management of the Small farm for some time and me I went some.

In the return travel my state of mind was very various from that one of the gone one. While the handkerchief from fagotti I had replaced it with a beautiful full trunk of valuable things and moreover... I carried in catana a beautiful pocketbook overflow of dollars that gave to much emergency and much serenity to me. Then this time, in order to go to the station, I did not have to scappare to legs rises with the fear of being riacciuffato like to New York, but I was accompanied with a beautiful gig from the Lucchesi of the Roton', than it never did not end to promise all the its engagement to me in order to manage the Small farm in the best one of the ways.

In spite of these beautiful premises, the devil wanted to put the zampino to us and, in the traversata one of the Colorado, when the train had to slow down to snail step in order to exceed one of the many steep climbs, we were you attack from the indios which jumped on the vagoni of bottom, those that they transported alone goods and for our fortune, were limited to unload only those down pulling from the escarpment of every ben' of God. This episode made to understand the reason me for which the trains they had a locomotore also in tail. It was in order to avoid that the attacking ones detached the vagoni of tail in order to leave then to fall them in the deep one of the dirupi and to impossessarsi therefore of the goods that contained. Fleeting we felt a long shooting with guns and guns and task that was also some dead man between the attacking ones because I felt also grida of desperation of men who fell along the strapiombi full of rocks. The train but was not never stopped and continued its altalenante race between step of snail in the climbs and speed crowds in the features in reduction. Exceeded this sad episode, for the rest all it went smooth

When I arrived to the port of New York I found one mrs. of my country that re-entered in Italy with the daughter of five or six years. I characterized from the directory of the passengers but I did not know it since had left from Fagnano when I was small. To half of traversata the that woman it died because as I knew then, also it like the dead husband little days before, was sickened of tisi and the poveretta, aware of its conditions, it was put to face the risks of the travel in order to avoid that after its dead women, the child remained alone in America and between disowned people. The Captain addressed to me praying me of being present to the funeral ceremony that it would have celebrated in covered to the dawn of the successive day; then he said to me that officially he would have entrusted to me the Dalida small because I delivered it to the grandfathers in Italy. To the dawn I introduced myself punctual on the bridge of the ship where all it was ready for the ceremony that the Captain officiò with devout person gathering as if he had been a priest. To the term of the ritual, two sailors closed the emains in a bag and it they decreased in sea the Captain then launch us of the paper flowers that I do not know as he had been procurati. Later it sent to me to say that it would have appreciate to make breakfast with me and the child who then entrusted me as she can make a good father and added that for every necessity that was capitata during the travel I could directly have turned me to he in every moment, also of night.

Dalida was child very likeable and, after to be resolutions to exceed the first moments of great due embarrassment it is to what it had happened is to my complete impreparazione to exercise in unexpected way therefore the father part, became for me a joyful company that very contributed to drive away from the head the ugly thoughts to me that every a lot appeared insistent.

As the date of disembarkation was approached Genoa, more and more felt taken care of as I would have found my parents, because in the nine years of my permanence in America the news that I had received was most insufficient; I had not never seen one they photography and I scarcely succeeded to reconstruct their sembianze. Instead I did not have for nothing forgotten the face about the child of Meati but hour, after all this time, as I would have found it? I understood that by now woman in the flower of the age was one and therefore from husband. And if it had been married... When I got enraged in these thoughts, also the company of the small and joyful Dalida was not sufficient makes me to rasserenare.

Saint Francisco. Villette in Victorian style, escaped to the fire developed after the earthquake of 1906. They are in reed wood and today they cost a patrimony.

Also these palaces to formation are in Victorian style, constructed in reed wood and escape you to the fire developed after the earthquake of 1906.

As God wanted, I arrived to the railway station of Montuolo, where I then left the trunk covering on foot the short feature in order to arrive to house mine. Before I passed from the grandfathers of Dalida to which I entrusted the child who did not want to detach itself from my neck because she did not understand an Italian word and she was not trusted they because she did not know them, then I headed towards house mine and before entering in Court, I had myself to be stopped because we took the tremito one to me to the legs. For first I saw the Taylor and without not to greet it, the churches: "Dov' is mi' mother" And it answered to me: "E' here to the sink that washes the cloth". Then covered last the one hundred meters with the speed of a lightning and, before that my mother had become account of my presence, piombai to them I lean and in I embrace I up raised it like a oakum twig screaming: "Mother!"

In nine years she was not changed for null: me it seemed only po' a more lowland and began to appear first hats white men, but its smile continued to always irradiate the goodness. "Like six imbellito, said to me, but the moglie ce you have it". I answered not and that I had come on purpose in order to take of one of my places and to carry it with me in America for some year and then to rienrtrare definitively in Italy.

My father was to work in the fields where I caught up it as soon as I had detached itself from my mother and I embrace it was equally affectionate.

The scent of the grape in flower.

It greets the parents to you, the siblings and the friends, I wanted endured to have news of the child of Meati but not knowing its name neither that one of its parents, nobody knew gives the news to me that I wished and then I planted all in ace and men' I went of race to Meati in order to try to trace the house at least where I thought that it lived. Lì I met a young man that I did not remember to never have seen before, to which he said me: "the girl of mi' sio the mason? Emma is called, Emma Baiocchi ". Then it confirmed to me that it was still free but endured added that that one its cousins did not want to know of husband; that it had discarded many good ones you leave yourself and that it had given he fiasco also. Then, in order to perhaps justify the figuretta that it had made for the fiasco received, it added perhaps that su' the cousins behaved itself therefore because she had studied too many years from the Nuns of Vicopelago and hour that had also a sure job like sigaraia to the Manufacture Tobaccos of Lucca, had put still more superbia.

After to have listened to with interest all these news, I made present it that I had absolute need to speak and he to us said me that it would be re-entry from the job of lì little passing like always from the scorciatoia of the pergolone. Of the long minuteren from there I had already passed many in the life, but like those perhaps never.

The viottolo under the pergolone it was a place not too much secluded and al same time, protect from the sight of the onlookers and therefore me enough seemed adapted to that encounter. Therefore I did not go away from lì and I do not know to say how many times the distances in on and in down. All at once, here that it appeared to me in the penumbra, here in bottom, the wished vision a lot! Not, I could not be mistaken... was much various one from the image of my memories, not more one child but one mature girl, in the full splendor of its beauty... Not, I had not mistaken myself: she was just she! High of stature and snella, it proceeded with elegant step holding to the skillful arm a basket covered from a refined napkin to colors.

As we approached one the other, my steps made discs of a valve and stuffed with wadding and, reached short distance from she, I stopped myself. "Good evening, I said to them, me riconosci?"... "Sì", answered sweetly. And I: "After many years they have re-entered from the America for you: six anchor libera?"..."Sì ", replied. I added: "M' you have waited for all this tempo?"... "Sì", still said. And I chased: "But then, when we were to the Bruscello, you had inasmuch as I watched to you" With my great wonder, the answer was still: "Yes". Potetti not to resist and without to render of account, I added me: "I have re-entered because I would want to marry to you, but you six disposed one to marry to me" And it, without hesitation still answered: "". To those "yes" I was touched and I understood that I would not be successful to pronounce other words. Then it came to me spontaneous to increase the arms; it made equally and will end one in the arms of the other. I would be remained in that attitude an eternity and would have intentional to cover it of kisses but I avoided it for fear that eventual indiscreet looks goodness knows exposed to the danger which lapidazione to it.

the viottolo



it was one


not too much set apart

and to the time


the scent that you feel is that one of the grape in flower

Me ritrassi sweetly and I exclaimed: "Like scents!" And it, ready, replied: "creed not to perfume because I return from the job; I have made four kilometers on foot and are a po' sudata: the scent that you feel is that one of the grape in flower ". "You have reason, I answered, sure was also before this scent but I feel alone hour to it for your presence". Then I added: "you cannot imagine from how much time I have wished this moment and how much joy me has procurato all yours" "; hour but is a last thing that I must dirti: In all these years I am successful to put with, in America, a great small farm with many laborers and therefore hardly married it must go here at least for some year. You come to us?"... With the same semplicità and firmness it answered: "Not". It salted was stopped to me in the throat to the height of the Adam's apple and for some moment I did not succeed to swallow then, when I resumed myself, I added sommessamente: "it is not the case to take it to us for this too much. Riparleremo some opportunely."

Once again me capitava to savour an immense joy and al same time not to be able to taste it in way total: those "" firm after many "yes" was not for me one large thorn in the flank. After to have resumed breath, the churches: "How many years you have" And she: "Ventuno". Mother mine, I said to them, and ventiquattro; we have just the just age in order to marry perhaps but we are already passatelli regarding many our friends. Then of blow I remembered myself of the Bruscello and I added: "But then when it was looked at to us to the Bruscello of it you had hardly thirteen?!... And endured you thought that you would have married to me " Once again and with much decision it answered: "Yes". Eh, but then we are fiancèes from nine years, I exclaimed, you knew it? It answered to me: "I yes, and you you knew" I not, answered. I did not dare to withhold it beyond and I left it to re-enter to house after it are finds to you understandings to us on like introducing our parents to us.

The wedding to the American.

In the February of the successive year, as soon as our house was ready, we married ourselves. I wanted to make the things the American but also my suocero was not made to canzonare. To the mattino soon of the day convene, much before the dawn that is to the six, I arrived in carrozza on the large square of the church of Meati accompanied from my parents and after little minuteren it from its parents arrived my girl also only accompanied. Com' was beautiful mi' the Emma in black silk dress the adorned of embroiderys and precious buttons. Some day before I was remained badly when I came accidentally to know that, for that dress, my suocero had had to sell a beautiful year-old calf, but hour I had convene that of it it was worth the pain. Greeting the suoceri ringraziai them for the many sacrifices and, for the dressed one, I wanted to add that ce it would not have been need because Emma was beautiful therefore as they had made it they. My suocera said: "the dressed one, Emma has it intentional for you and we are happy."

The ceremony lasted little minuteren. I refused to answer to the questions that the priest wanted to make me on the doctrine and I said it that to those things lì I had already answered from boy. It, before jolt po' a head but then convene that I had reason and therefore, after the blessing and two companies, race with the carrozza to take the train to Montuolo. Eh yes, because I wanted to make also the travel of wedding and I went quite to Florence where he was remained for a week in one of the best ones lodges... to the Japan Hotel!

Re-entered to house, I savoured for some time the happiness of the life in family with the mi' moglietta that it gave joy to me on joy. It always tried to please to me in all but on the decision to come for some time with me in America it was but irremovibile and therefore, after some month, I had to decide to return alone to Saint Francisco.

Of new separated from the woman of the heart

This time the separation I felt it not as well as from my parents how much from she and beyond all I knew that I left it in attended of a son.

The travel introduced more or less the same time but difficulties previous this I faced to them with one be of much various mind and therefore I exceeded to them better. Obviously I avoided the quarantine since this time I travelled in privileged class and I had all the papers in rule for being considered like an American who re-entered to house its.

A day the letter was a po' heavier of the others and understood endured that photo contained one.

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