Walter John Edwin HOPEKIRK

Walter John Edwin HOPEKIRK was born Lambeth, County of Surrey, in 1850 to Walter HOPEKIIRK and Susanah HAMMON.

Walter J. E. Hopekirk was born about a year after is parent's marriage in 1849. By the 1851 census his mother, Susannah, haad passed away and his mother's sister was living with him and his father. His mother probably died from complications of child birth.

On 25 July 1871 Walter John Edwin HOPEKIRK married the family servant, Eliabeth Sarah A. Taylor at Gypsy Hill Christ Church, Lambeth. View Marriage record
Walter is a Hair dresser, as is his father Walter. Robert Taylor, deceased.

On 2 June 1872 Susan Annie May HOPEKIRK was baptised at St. Mary's Lambeth, Surrey, England. Parents were Walter John Edwin HOPEKIRK and Elizabeth Sarah Ann.

On 20 July 1879 (James) William Hopekirk was born(per schoold admittance record.

As of the 1881 census Walter is 31, a perfumer,born in Lambeth, and living at 1 Milton Villas 326 Crystal Palace Road, Camberwell, London, England. His wife Elizabeth is 29, born at Brompton, Middlesex, England and their daughter Susan A. M. HOPEKIRK is 8, born at Lambeth, and son James W. HOPEKIRK is 1 was born at Camberwell, Surrey, England.

(James) William HOPEKIRK was admitted to Woodland Road School, in the borough of Lambeth, on 16 September 1886. He was born on 20 July 1879 to Walter HOPEKIRK of 76 Weston Hill Road. (The same address as his daughter Susan when she gets married in 1896.)

On 16 September 1896 Susan Annie May HOPEKIRK married Albert James WOODS at Upper Norwood, All Saints with St. Margaret. Her residence at that time was 76 Weston Hill, Norwood. Her father is Walter John Edwin HOPEKIRK, Hairdresser.  Albert was living at Anesley Road, Norwood. He was a Fishmonger as was his father James WOODS.

On 4 October 1897 James William HOPEKIRK 21, Bachelor and Hairdresser, married Emma Cooksey, 20, spinster. Their residence at time of marriage was 14 Tenison Street. James ' father is Walter, Hairdresser and Emma's father is Akfred Cooksey, Fishmonger. One of the witnesses was Annie Agnes HOPEKIRK.

From the 1911 census James William HOPEKIRK is 33, a Hair Dresser, married to Emie HOPEKIRK, with a 13 year old son named Walter James HOPEKIRK and a 10 year old daughter named Winifred May HOPEKIRK. They are living at 107 Elspeth Road, Clapham Commons, Battersea.

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