Walter HOPEKIRK was the son of James HOPEKIRK and Agnes PATERSON

Walter was born about 1822 in Scotland. Per his 1849 marriage record he was born in Scotland and his father was James Hopekirk, Cabinet Maker.

From the 1839 Pigot's Directory under the category "PERFUMERS" is Walter HOPEKIRK, at 8 Blenheim Street, London..

On the 18 February 1849 Walter Hopekirk, Bachelor and a Hairdresser, married Susannah HAMMON, Spinster, of St. James Clerkenwell.
Walter's Father was James Hopekirk, deceased Cabinetmaker. Susannah's father was John William Hammon, a Watch Case Maker.,
They were married at St. Mary, Lambeth Parish in the borough of Lambeth. View the Marriage Record.

From the 1851 census record we find Walter HOPEKIRK living at 88 West Road, in the Parish of St. Mary Lambeth in the borough of Lambeth. Walter is age 29, the head of the household, he is a widower and his occupation is Hair Dresser/Perfumer, just like his older brother Robert. Walter was born in Scotland. He has  1 year old son named  So Walter's wife probably died in childbirth or from complications from giving birth to young Walter. Also in the home is Anne Wipperman, age 26, listed as Sister-in-Law, a widow and a Watch Case Maker, like her father John William Hammon. Also in the home is William Mennis age 24 and an Assistant Hair Dresser, and there is Sophia Yorks,age 26, a House Servant.

From the 1851 Post Office Directory Walter Hopekirk is a Hair Dresser and is  located at 88 Bridge Road, Lambeth, London.

From the 1856 Post Office Directory Walter Hopekirk is located at 88 Bridge Road, Lambeth, London.

On 31 August 1857 in Kenilworth, Walter Hopekirk, widower, a Hair Dresser, son of James Hopekirk, Carpenter, married Ann Wipperman, widow, daughter of John William Hammon, Watch Case Manufacturer. View Marriage record.

From the 1861 London Land tax Records we find Walter Hopekirk of Bridge Road. Lambeth, England.

By the 1861 census Walter HOPEKIRK had married his deceased wife's sister, Anne Hammon Wipperman. In the home on Westminster Road are Walter, age 39, a Hair Dresser employing 2 men and 2 boys, and born in Scotland. His wife Ann is 36, born in Middlesex Clerkinwell. Walter John Edwin HOPEKIRK, son, age 11 and a scholar, born in Surrey, Lambeth. Also . Frtederick James Lemere, age 16, Apprentice to  Hair Dresser, born in Surrey Christchurch. Mary Hobson, age 17, a General Servant, born in Surrey, Camberwell.

From the 1871 census we find Walter Hopekirk, age 49, at Shecton Hill Terrace, in the Croyden Civil Parish,  All Saints Ecclesiastical Parish, in the town of Upper Norwood, County of Surrey.( Located in Southeast London) His wife Anny is now 45 years old, son Walter J. Edw, son, unmarried, age 21, born in Westminster. Also in the residence is Elizabeth S. A. Taylor, servant, unmarried, age 19, occupation is Assist., born in London and Jane Temple, Servant, unmarried, age 20, occupation Assist, born in Surry, and John A. Stock, age 27, a visitor, occupation is Mercantile, born in London.  

From the 1881 census we find Walter, age 59 a Perfumer employing 3 men and 1 boy, born in Edinburgh. His wife Ann, age 55, born in Clerkenwell, Laura Jennings, Servant, unmarried, age 24,  a Hair Dresser Shop Assistant, Francis Robinson, age 21, a Hair Dresser Shop Assistant, and Hannah Collis, age 27, domestic Servant.

In the 4th quarter of 1897 Walter Hopekirk, age 75, passed away in Croyden.

Ann Hammon Wipperman Hopekirk passed away in 1910 in Croydon, Surrey.

Walter HOPEKIRK  and Susannah  HAMMON  had only one child:

     Walter John Edwin HOPEKIRK, born in 1850 in Lambeth, County of Surrey. On 25 July 1871 Walter John Edwin HOPEKIRK married the family servant, Eliabeth Sarah A. Taylor at Gypsy Hill Christ Church, Lambeth. View Marriage record Walter is a Hair dresser, as is his father Walter. Robert Taylor, deceased.

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