John Samuel HOPKIRK & Zephne Maxwell LEPPER

John Samuel HOPKIRK was the son of Cyril Spottiswoode Moy HOPKIRK and Dorothy Kate SAUNDERS

John Samuel HOPKIRK was born 18 November 1922

On 5 April 1948 John married the love of his life, Zephne Maxwell LEPPER

Zephne Maxwell LEPPER was born 25 October 1924 HOPKIRK,

John and Zephne were the parents of a son and three daughters.

John was a well respected surgeon of Wellington, Te Kuiti and Hastings, New Zealand.
Cousin John K Hopkirk of the United States recounts a discussion in 2009 with John Samuel about John K's options for treating his prostate cancer. John K stated he selected the option of having radiation pellets(about 60 or 70 pellets each smaller than a grain of rice) implanted to treat the cancer and that John K thought it was a relatively new treatment method. John Samuel had a slight chuckle and said he had worked with a team that was experimenting with radiation implants to treat prostate cancer back in 1949!!!! That was 60 years earlier. They gave up on the effort because they had no way to regulate the dosage. Obviously in recent years they have developed a way to regulate the dosage.

John Samuel HOPKIRK proudly possessed the "HOPKIRK FAMILY BIBLE" started by John Brown HOPKIRK  See a photo of John and the bible.  For more information about the old bible, go here.
Zephne passed away on 6 October 2016 at Robert Owens Village in Tauranga, at age 91 years. Services were held on October 11, 2016, followed by a private cremation.

John Samuel HOPKIRK passed away on 24 September 2017 at Robert Owens Village in Tauranga, age 94 years.

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