Ye Olde John Brown HOPKIRK Family Bible

It is believed John Brown HOPKIRK received or purchased this bible around the time of his wedding, or shortly thereafter, and he placed old family photos in the very front of the bible. In the next sectuion of the bible he listed his ancestors, and finally you come to the bible itself.
The bible is now in the possession of John Brown Hopkirk's grandson, John S.

Inside the front part of the bible were the following old family photos.

Isabella Home Hopkirk, John Brown Hopkirk's grandmother

Marked as "Great Grandparents Hopkirks", probably written by a descendant of John Brown Hopkirk, and not John Brown Hopkirk himself. John Brown Hopkirk's great grandparents would have been Anne Wright Hopkirk, died in 1832, and her husband James Hopkirk died in 1841. So it is more likely this is a photo their son, and Alexander's father, William Hopkirk(1780-1854) and his wife Isabella Home Hopkirk(1783-1857), John Brown Hopkirk's grandparents, given the quality of the photo, and that the earliest primitive photos were produced around 1827,

The next photo is of Alexander Hopkirk(1823-1907) and his children, all born in Scotland, but probably taken in New Zealand around 1880. At the base of the photo the names are written down with Alexander(1823-1907) being identified as "grandfather". So the names must have been written down by a child of John Brown HOPKIRK. Notice the distictive "G" in "grandfather."  This is the same way the "G" is written in the photo above marked as "Great Grandparents Hopkirks" . So this would make the great grandparents of the writer William Hopkirk(1780-1854) and Isabella HOME HOPKIRK(1783-1857).
This same photo is located is located Alexander HOPKIRK's page with the sons being identified this way: In the middle is Alexander and his daughter Agnes. Around him, from left to right are Joseph(Joe), Robert, William, John(Jack), and Alexander(Alick)

I'm inclined to believe the order of Alexander's children from the bible photo, since we know it was written by a child of John Brown HOPKIRK, and he would undoubtedly been able to identify his own father in the photo, and he would have been able to confirm this with his father.
This is a photo of Alexander(1823) and his family
This photo includes Emily Pilcher's parents, Maria Marha MOY and Henry John Pilcher. They are are the far right side of the photo as "Grandma Pilcher" and "Grandfather Pilcher".. The photo also includes people with the last name of Tustin.We need more information about this photo.

This page has the genealogical information about Alexander Hopkirk, Agnes Spottiswoode and their parents.

This page lists all of John Brown Hopkirk and Emily Pilcher's children, and their dates and places of birth.

This page lists the marriages of John Brown Hopkirk and Emily Pilcher's children

This page lists the death of John Keith Hopkirk

This page shows the beginning of the bible portion.

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