John(7) Brown HOPKIRK was the sixth son of Alexander(6) Home HOPKIRK and Agnes SPOTTISWOODE

John was born 20 Aug 1867 at Markinch, Fife, Scotland.

His mother, Agnes Spottiswoode, died in 1870, when John was less than 3 years old. A couple years later his father took the remaining family to New Zealand.

On 28 December 1893 John Brown Hopkirk married Emily Gertrude Pilcher in Wellington, NZ. Emily was born 13 April 1870, the daughter of Henry John PILCHER and Maria Martha MOY. Her paternal grandparents were Thomas William PILCHER and Harriet CATCHPOOL

View John Brown Hopkirk and Emily Pilcher wedding day photo, 31 people total.
Our thanks goes to Donna Thompson and Joyce Campbell of Scotland for supplying this and many other wonderful photos mailed to the Spottiswoode relatives in Gattonside, Scotland, by Joseph Hopkirk in New Zealand over 100 years ago. Peter Lyal, a Spottiswoode descendant, is now in possession of many of the original photos saved by Agnes Spottiswoode in Scotland. Many of the original letters and photos were mailed from New Zealand by Joseph Hopkirk, brother to John Brown Hopkirk. Here is Donna and Peter.

Here is the above wedding photo with names added in the photo.

Identification of John Brown Hopkirk and Emily Pilcher wedding attendees

Detailed list of attendees, in a word document.

At the time of their marriage, or shortly thereafter, John Brown HOPKIRK received, or purchased, a giant bible. This bible has old family photos and birth information back into the 1700's located in the front of the bible.  Go here to see the bible and this wealth of old HOPKIRK Family information located inside.

This bible is probably one of the most important pieces of family history, as it was created by John Brown Hopkirk in the 1890's, when he was able to quiz his father Alexander, about family history. Alexander was born in 1823, so was 18 years old when his own grandfather, James HOPKIRK, passed away in 1841. The bible has family information back to the 1700's which confirms the paper trails discovered by previous family genealogists.

John(7) Brown HOPKIRK married Emily Gertrude PILCHER, and they had the following children:

   Cyril(8) Spottiswoode Moy HOPKIRK, born 30 Oct 1894. He died 25 Sep 1987. Cyril at age 21 months.

   David(8) Hamua HOPKIRK, born 5 Nov. 1895 at Hamua, NZ. He died 21 May 1955.

   John(8) Keith HOPKIRK, born 25 Jun 1897. He died 22 Mar 1899.

   Gertrude(8) Emily HOPKIRK, born 4 Apr 1899. She died in 1991. Is this Gertrude?

   Kenneth(8) Home HOPKIRK, born 27 Apr 1901. He died 1 May 1988.

   Jean Pilcher HOPKIRK, born 9 June 1903. She passed away on 1 May 1984.

   Oswald(8) Robert HOPKIRK, born 11 Dec 1907.  He died in 1990. Oswald at 10 months old

   Joseph(8) Edward(Jack) HOPKIRK, born 13 Mar 1912.  He died 9 Aug 1984.

As of 1898, John Brown Hopkirk was the sole schoolteacher in Hamua, New Zealand. At that time it was a very remote and forbidding place. Hamua is located near Pahiatua.

See the living flag demonstration, created by the Grand Marshall, John Brown Hopkirk, and the children from the Brooklyn School in honor of the visit from the Duke and Duchess of York.              See the wording about the event.

John Brown Hopkirk passed away on 6 December 1949 in Wellington. He was 82 years old.

Emily passed away on 28 July 1950 at 80 years of age.

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