Oswald Robert HOPKIRK and Gladys JENDEN


Oswald Robert HOPKIRK was the seventh child of John Brown HOPKIRK & Emily Gertrude PILCHER


Oswald was born on 11 December 1907.

Oswald married Gladys JENDEN. Below is a photo from their wedding day in 1932.

Gladys was born on 4 July 1909, the daughter of Charles and Lizzie Beatrice JENDEN. Gladys had siblings named Ted, Beatrice, Ellis, Frank and Charles.

Hopkirk Jenden Wedding


 Oswald Robert Hopkirk is the gentleman to the left of the bride, Gladys Jenden.  We are hoping to identify the remaining people in the photo.  If you know who they are, please let us know.

Gladys passed away suddenly on 26 July 1971 at her home at 295 Royal Road, Massey, NZ See her Obituaries.

Oswald and Gladys had two children:

     Philip (Phil) Robert HOPKIRK, born 8 Dember 1934

     a child still living

Our thanks goes to Shane Hopkirk for supplying these wonderful photos in this section of the website. Below are links to more photos:

Oswald Hopkirk

Gladys Jenden, age 21

Oswald Hopkirk, late in life on his birthday

Oswald having a smoke

Beatrice and Gladys Jenden, sisters

Is this Oswald's parents?

Gladys and Oswald

Eldest son at about age 1, in 1935 or 1936.

Eldest son's wedding in 1961

Gladys and her eldest son's new bride

Oswald, the bride and groom, and Gladys

The wedding reception


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