James HOPKIRK & Marion BANKS

James HOPKIRK was the son of James HOPKIRK and Helen HISLOP  

James HOPKIRK was born 28 August 1804 and christened 23 September 1804 in Peebles.

James HOPKIRK married Marion BANKS on 26 July 1833 at Liberton.
Marion was born 11 November 1815 at Stevenston, and christened 11 November 1815 at Stevenston, Ayrshire, the daughter of Charles BANKS and Marion SHAW.

James HOPKIRK & Marion BANKS had the following known children:

     George HOPKIRK, born before 1835, a gardener

     Helen HOPKIRK, born before 1838

     Marion Helen HOPKIRK, born 1852 in Edinburgh, Scotland

From the 1881 British census we know that James HOPKIRK was a gardener, like his father.
James was living at Crossings, Applewaite, Westmorland, England with his daughter Marion HOPKIRK.
Marion HOPKIRK was aged 29 and born in Edinburgh, Scotland. She was a housekeeper.

James HOPKIRK passed away in the quarter ending September 1894, age 90 years, at Applethwaite, Kendall

From the 1841 census: James HOPKIRK 33, gardener, Marion 26, George 5, Ellen 2, Ellen Stodart 17, Ellen HOPKIRK 65 at New Bush Gardener's Lodge, Inveresk.

From the 1851 census: James HOPKIRK 40, gardener, Marrian 36, George 15, Helen MARSHALL 26, Thomas MARSHALL 25, Peter MARSHALL 10 months, were at Harburn Office House, West Calder.

From the 1861 census: James HOPKIRK 56, land steward, Marion 50, Marian 9, living at Brow Heads Cottage, Applethwaite.

From the 1871 census: James HOPKIRK 66, gardener, Marion 58, Marion 29, housekeeper, living at The Crosses, Applethwaite, Westmoreland.

Marion BANKS HOPKIRK passed away in the 2nd quarter of 1876 at Kendall, age 64 years.

From the 1881 census: James HOPKIRK 76, gardener, Marion 29, housekeeper, living at The Crossings, Applethwaite, Westmoreland.

From the 1891 census: James HOPKIRK 86, widower, gardener, John NELSON 36, son-in-law, bobbin turner, Marian 36, domestic housekeeper, daughter, James NELSON 8, Annie NELSON 5, Frank HOPKIRK 18, grocer's assistant, Grace HENCHEN 18, visitor, living at the Crosses, Applethwaite.

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