Hubert Gordon HOPKIRK

Hubert Gordon HOPKIRK was the son of Arthur HOPKIRK and Sidney YOUNG.

Hubert Gordon HOPKIRK was born in Jena, Germany, between 24 December 1883 and July 30, 1884. based on travel documents  noted below. He was possibly born on 20 April 1884.

He went by the name of "Gordon" and was an "Actor Comedian," just like his father, and his aunts and uncles.

Although he was born in Germany, Gordon was a British Subject, and when War broke out between Britain and Germany, Gordon must have been in Germany, as he bacame a Civilian Prisoner of War held at the Ruhleben Civilian Internment Camp, a former race track a few miles west of Berlin. Our thanks goes to Sarah Kimball for supplying the information to us about Gordon's time at the camp, and items recorded in her grandfather's diaries during his time in the same camp. Thanks to Sarah we learn that Gordon was active in the camp Theatrical Society, and played the role of "Jasper" in the play "The Knight of the Burning Pestle." which Sarah's grandfather co-produced in 1916.  Go to this page for the details about Gordon from the Ruhleben Story website .

After World War I and his time at Ruhleben, we know Gordon appeared in many silent movies made in England. Among them are:

     Ernest Maltravers, a 1920 drama. Gordon played George Legard.

     Four Men in a Van, a 1921 comedy. Gordon played "Murray"

     Sybil, 1921. Gordon played "Stephen Hutton"

     Tense Moments from Opera, 1922. Gordon played "Edgar" in the "Bride of Lammermorr segment, and
          "Fra Diavolo" in the "Fra Diavolo" segment.

     Tense Moments from Great Plays, 1922. Gordon played "Matthew Shore" in the "Jane Shore" segment.

     Faust, 1922. Gordon played "Valentine."

     Maritana, 1922. Gordon played "Don Cesar de Bazan."

     The Skipper's Wooing, a 1922 comedy. Gordon played "the Skipper."

     Wandering Jew, 1923. Gordon played "the lover."

     Madame Recamier; Or, The Prince of Virtue, 1923. Gordon played "Prince Rupert."

     Love, Life and Laughter, 1923. Gordon played "the Rich Man."

     Blue Carbuncle, The, 1923. (a Sherlock Holmes mystery) Gordon played "Ryder."

     White Slippers, 1924, and reissued in 1929 as Port of Lost Souls.

     The Notorious Mrs. Carrick, a 1924 mystery. Gordon played "Gerald Rosario."

    Sahara Love, 1926. Gordon played "the Sheik."

     Island of Despair, 1926. Gordon played "Don Felipe Trevaras."

     A Woman Redeemed, 1927. Gordon played "Angelo."

From the 1923 Ellis Island Records we know that Gordon arrived in New York on 30 July 30 1923 on the ship Aquitania from Southhampton, UK Other info in the records, he was 39 years old, single, an actor by profession and a resident of London, England, born in Jena, Germany. His father, Dr. A. F. Hopkirk was living at 61 Tranmere Road, London, SW 18. We also know the ship he travelled on was the Aquitania, and it sailed from Southampton, England. He was heading to Hollywood, Los Angeles, California as a permanent resident, and he had never been in the USA before. He was 6 feet tall, fair complexion, dark hair, blue eyes. Since he was travelling to Hollywood, it was probably to make some movies.

On 21 December 1923 Hubert Hopkirk, still age 39, landed at Southampton aboard the ship Majestic. Since he was still 39 years old, he had to be born between 24 December 1883 and July 30, 1884.

Gordon never married.

By 1956 Gordon was living in Bangkok, Thailand,  and he had become a Buddhist.

Gordon had been corresponding with Robert DMB HOPKIRK of the Melrose Branch. Robert was working for the World Health Organiztion at this time and had scheduled a meeting with Gordon. Unfortunately, 3 weeks before the meeting was to take place, Gordon died in an auto accident, at the approximate age of 72.

Fortunately Gordon had sent Robert information from the 200 year old Hopkirk family bible before his death, or we would never have been able to make some of these family connections.  The bible was probably disposed of after Gordon's passing, and is forever lost.

At this page of Gordon's family you will find items coded in "green."  All the items in "green" were things written by Hubert Gordon Hopkirk in his letters to Robert DMB Hopkirk.

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