Adam HOBKIRK & Mary

Adam HOBKIRK was born about ?1749, possibly in the London area, possibly to  ? Thomas HOBKIRK & Elizabeth PARRY.

Adam HOBKIRK married Mary, approximately 1773?

Adam & Mary had the following known children, based on the 1809 Will of Adam Hobkirk. We will list them in the order in the Will:

     Adam HOBKIRK is probably the oldest child, and born before 1784, since he is listed first in his father's will. He died in 1853.         

    Samuel HOBKIRK, born 31 December 1784, baptised 5 February 1785 at St. George, Bloomsbury, Middlesex, Camden, London 7

     William HOBKIRK, born 18 October 1785, and baptised 26 November 1785 at St. George, Bloomsbury, Middlesex, London

In February 1774 a Mr. HOBKIRK, age 25, a merchant from Jamaica on "James Dawkins" from London to Jamaica.

In 1776, a Mr. HOBKIRK, age 25 of Jamaica, merchant, going home from London to Jamaica(complete book of Emigrants 1751-1776)

16 April 1776, Adam HOBKIRK, in Jamaica. He acted as a "next friend" (Privy Council, Vol 5, p456)

17 August 1779, Mary HOBKIRK, Kingston Jamaica advertisement re: her stock in her shop. (Jamaican Mercury 1779, August 17)

31 December 1780, Adam HOBKIRK dissolved business partnership in Kingston, Jamaica(Royal Gazette, Jamaica 31 Dec 1780)

25 March 1793, Adam HOBKIRK sailed from Falmouth, UK on "Westmoreland" for Barbados, West Indies

9 August 1809, Adam HOBKIRK died. Newspaper death notice said he was late of London, formerly of Kingston, Jamaica(Aberdeen Journal 6 Sept 1809)

There was an 1816 court case involving  Mary, the elder Adam's widow, and their 3 sons. Go here for the interesting details.

From the Will of Adam HOBKIRK's(1749-1809) son, William HOBKIRK's(1785-1825) Will(drafted in 1819), proved at London on 8 July 1826, William names his four children, William Hobkirk, Jane(Mary) Hobkirk, Frank (Samuel) Hobkirk and Mary Amicia Hobkirk, his mother "Mrs. Mary HOBKIRK" his brothers Major Adam HOBKIRK and Captain Samuel W. HOBKIRK. Also mentioned in the administration of the Will is John Peter HOBKIRK. The Will also mentions that Adam has lived in Nantes in the Kingdom of France, but late of the Island of Jamaica and Samaur(France) and the West Indies.

The mentioning of John Peter HOBKIRK in the administration of William HOBKIRK's Will means they are mostly likely related. If William's father Adam is the son of Thomas HOBKIRK and Elizabeth PARRY, then John Peter Hobkirk would be a half-brother of William's father Adam. It is possible John Peter HOBKIRK was the only family member of majority living in the area, and he was called upon to represent brothers Adam and Samuel HOBKIRK, assuming mother Mary HOBKIRK had passed away by 1825.

Finally, we have the following tidbit of information from "THE CHELTENHAM CHAPEL GRAVEYARD, SAINT GEORGE’S PLACE, CHELTENHAM", Compiled by Julian Rawes & George Cryer for the GLOUCESTERSHIRE FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETY 1986. "INTRODUCTION" "The Cheltenham Chapel and its little known adjoining graveyard occupies an area between the Bowling Green on the corner of Ambrose Street and the High Street, and St.George’s Place. For the years 1810 to 1837, the Chapel’s registers are housed at the Public Record Office, Chancery Lane, London." Copies can be viewed at the Gloucester Public Library.
Listed are the following Vaultstones of interest:

#204 Vaultstone, Sc. Wood. Inscribed: "Sacred/ to the memory of/ George Lawrence Hobkirk,/ who died 5th of October 1823/ aged 2 years and 4 months./ He was [delig]hted with the work of/ his own [hands] he saw it beautiful: he/ made [it and took] it to himself."
#206 Vaultstone. "Mary Hobkirk,/ died 21st March 1825/ aged 70 years"
Furthermore, there is a newspaper article dated days after the above death of George Lawrence HOBKIRK naming a George Hobkirk, son of Adam junior who was burnt whilst living in Cheltenham.

It is possible this is Mary Hobkirk, wife of Adam Hobkirk, especially since her grandson would appear to have been buried close by. The age at death would place her being born in 1755.

For future reference, #205 Vaultstone is occupied by a John Rogers, who died on 20 April 1816, aged 63 years.  He may well be a relative, e.g. husband of Margaret H. (Adam senior's sister) though from that court case, it was stated that she lived in "North Britain".  From the Will, it was stated that she had married.  This may prove useful in the future, or Rogers could also be a complete stranger. 

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