Samuel HOBKIRK was the son of Adam and Mary HOBKIRK

Samuel HOBKIRK was born 31 December 1784 and baptised 5 February 1785 at St. George, Bloomsbury, Middlesex, Camden, London

25 April 1806 Samuel as a Cornet, 43rd foot

24 July 1806 43rd foot purchased commission in Army as ensign or Captain.

1811  Samuel placed a newspaper advertisement requesting the return of a lost or stolen painting of his mother. Inscription: Mrs. M. HOBKIRK. The likeness was taken in 1773 and given to Samuel by his mother on 9 August 1809 (Times, London 16 December 1811)  

3 December 1812, Captain

1813 Promoted from Lieutenant to Captain 43rd regiment (Bombay Courier 1813)

1813 Samuel is very gay here: Spends 1,000 pounds per year on dress. Mistaken as Field Marshall when dining as Soult's on the night of his capture, from richness of his dress. (Levinge, op cit pp 205, 206) Also played part of a woman in a play.

28 November 1813 Captain, 43rd regiment, UK, wounded, taken a prisoner of war by French at St. Jean de Lutz

25 March 1817 placed on 1/2 pay (Army List)

1853 passed away, formerly of 43rd regiment of foot (UK Army Peninsular War records)

Below is a map which comes from a map drawn by the Surveyor Generals Office in 1865. The very first name in the block of streets below is Hobkirk Street, undoubtedly named after Samuel Hobkirk and most of the other streets were also named after military figures from the same war Samuel participated in. The street is erroneously labeled Hopkirk Street today. Here is some additional information from Geoff: “Townsends 1849 map clearly lists Hobkirk Street in North Wogga Wogga (original spelling), in New South Wales, Australia.  I think the best you could say is that the streets in South Wogga Wogga (same map) were named after veterans of the Peninsular and Waterloo Wars by Major Thomas Mitchell, and it is therefore likely that the street names in North Wogga Wogga have the same origin.” Our thanks goes to Geoff BURCH for supplying this wonderful map and as much other information as was available.

Hobkirk Street in North Wagga Wagga in 1865

 WaggaWagga in 1865


Below is a copy of his military record.

 Samuel Hobkirk Military record
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