Our thanks goes to William Hobkirk, Carla Herron and Madelyn Orr for accumulating, compiling and supplying the information for this branch of the family.

James HOBKIRK and Ann PORTEOUS were married on 14 December 1821 in Innerleithen, Peebles, Scotalnd.

We find this family listed in the 1841 census as HOPKIRK. The family is located at Penicuik Ecclesiastical Parish, Midlothian.
The address is listed as Fullerton and James is listed as 50 years old, an Agricultural Laborer. Ann is listed as 40 years old.

It is interesting to note that the occupations of most of the HOPKIRK Family of Peebles (James HOPKIRK and his sons James  Alexander and William are gardeners, the same as James HOBKIRK. Both families have a connection to Traquair, Peebles.

James and Ann had the following known children:

     Margaret HOBKIRK, christened 14 February 1823 in Peebles, Peebles, Scotland

     William HOBKIRK, christened 5 July 1824 in Peebles

     Adam HOBKIRK, christened 31 July 1825 in Peebles

     Ann HOBKIRK, christened 27 January 1828 in Peebles (listed as 15 on the 1841 census)

     James HOBKIRK, christened 18 July 1830 in Peebles (listed as 10 on the 1841 census)    

     Thomas HOBKIRK, christened 20 May 1832 in Peebles (listed as 9 on the 1841 census)

     Elizabeth HOPKIRK, christened 10 August 1834 at Traquair, Peebles (listed as 6 on the 1841 census)

     Margaret HOPKIRK (listed as 3 on the 1841 census)

     Robert HOBKIRK, christened 7 Aug 1840 in Peebles (listed as 10 months on the 1841 census)

     Agnes HOBKIRK, born 11 November 1846 in Temple, Midlothian, Scotland     

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