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From his son William's death record, we know that James was a gardener in Peebles.

James HOPKIRK probably married Helen HISLOP prior to 1802. Helen was the daughter of John HISLOP and Elizabeth KERR.
John HISLOP and Elizabeth KERR were married 26 July 1771, Traquair, Peebles.
Helen HISLOP was christened 30 March 1775, Traquair, Peebles.

James and Helen had the following children, please note the spellings of the last names! This is a perfect example of why we have the variant spellings of our name.  Either the record keeper wrote down what they thought they heard the parents say, or the person entering the data for the LDS misread the name as it appears on the Parish records.

Margaret HOBKIRK, born 6 March 1803 and christened 17 Apr 1803 in Peebles.

James HABKIRK, born 28 August 1804 and christened 23 Sep 1804 in Peebles.

John HABKIRK, christened 4 May 1806, in Peebles.  This leads to the Morayshire branch of the family

Alexander HABKIRK, born 8 June 1808 and christened 10 July 1808, in Peebles

William HOBKIRK, christened 13 Mar 1814, in Peebles (born 30 Jan 1814) This is the Edinburgh branch of the family

Helen is is found in the 1841 census, living with her son James. Helen's husband James must have passed away prior to 1841.

From the 1841 census: James HOPKIRK 33, gardener, Marion 26, George 5, Ellen 2, Ellen Stodart 17, Ellen HOPKIRK 65 at New Bush Gardener's Lodge, Inveresk.

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