Hopkirk Family of Sunderland

The head of this branch of the family is James Hopkirk.  He may be the James Hopkirk born on 4 Mar 1739 to James Hopkirk and Margaret Walker in Melrose, Scotland.  As will be shown later on this site, the Melrose Hopkirk boys, William and James, were known to frequent the Newcastle Area.  Sunderland is only a few miles from Newcastle.

Our thanks goes to Leslie Merrington Hopkirk and David Ian Hopkirk for compiling the following information:

James(1) HOPKIRK, born about 1740.

James(1) HOPKIRK married Margaret DODDS on 31 October 1762 in Tynemouth, Northumberland, England.
James and his wife Margaret had the following known children:

     James(2) HOPKIRK, born 19 Jul 1763, Robinson Lane-No,S,Eng

     Margaret(2) HOPKIRK, born 17 Jan 1765, Robinson Lane Nc,S,Eng(recorded as Hobkirk)

     William(2) HOPKIRK, born 16 Apr 1766, Robinson Lane-Nc,S,Eng(recorded as Hobkirk)

     Daniel(2) Johnson HOPKIRK, born 19 Jul 1767, Robinson Lane-Nc,S,Eng

     Adam(2) HOPKIRK, born 19 Jul 1767, Robinson Lane-Nc,S,Eng  (Was this the famous Adam Hopkirk?)

     Thomas(2) HOPKIRK, born 13 Mar 1772, Robinson Lane-Nc,S,Eng(recorded as Hobkirk)

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