Thomas Hopkirk

Thomas(2) HOPKIRK was the son of James(1) HOPKIRK and his wife Margaret, 

Thomas(2) HOPKIRK married Lydia Anderson on 9 Dec 1794 at Monkwearmouth, Durham, England.
Thomas and Lydia had the following children:

     William(3) HOPKIRK, christened 25 Dec 1795 at Bridge Road-Scot,M,,Eng and North Bridge Pre,S,,Eng

     Thomas(3) HOPKIRK, christened 11 Apr 1798 at North Bridge Pre,S,,Eng.

     Margaret(3) HOPKIRK, christened 16 Dec 1805 at Bridge Road-Scot,M,,Eng

     James(3) HOPKIRK, christened 20 Oct 1809 at Bridge Road-Scot,M,,Eng

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