James(2) was the eldest son of James(1) Hopkirk, and his wife Margaret Dodds  

James(2) Hopkirk married Ann Davison on 6 Dec 1785 at St. Peter, Monkwearmouth, Durham, England
James last name was recorded as Hobkirk.

James and Ann had the following known children:

Johnson(3) HOPKIRK, was born 28 October 1786 and he was christened 16 Nov1786, at both the Bridge Road Scotch Presbyterian Church, Monkwearmouth, Durham, England, and the North Bridge Presbyterian Church, Sundereland, England

James(3) HOPKIRK, was born and christened twice on 6 Apr 1788, at the same churches as Johnson HOPKIRK.

Margaret(3) HOPKIRK, was born 27 December 1789 and christened twice on 13 Jan 1790, at the same churches as Johnson.

Ann(3) HOPKIRK, was born 14 April 1793 and christened twice on 23 Apr 1793, at the same churches as Johnson.

Elizabeth(3) HOPKIRK, born 10 September 1794 and she was christened twice, 21 September 1794. Same churches as Johnson above.

Mary Ann(3) HOPKIRK, born 2 October 1796 and christened twice on 9 Oct 1796, at the same churches as Johnson.

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