Daniel Johnson HOPKIRK & Ann TELFORD

Daniel Johnson Hopkirk was the son of James(1) Hopkirk and his wife Margaret DODDS

"Johnson" is probably a family name for either James or Margaret.

Daniel married Ann Telford on 22 November 1794, less than 3 weeks before his brother Thomas Hopkirk married Lydia Anderson

Daniel(2) Johnson Hopkirk, and his wife Ann, had the following children:

     William(3) HOPKIRK, christened 25 Aug 1795, Bridge Road-Scot,M, Eng and North Bridge Pre,S,,Eng

     James(3) HOPKIRK, born 5 October 1796 and christened 9 Oct 1796, Bridge Road-Scot,M,Eng and North Bridge Pre,S,,Eng
 This James(3) probably had a son named Daniel, named after his father.  James probably wrote the
         letter dated in 1844 in the olde letter section of this website.  Our thanks goes to the Hudson Bay company, and Judith Hudson Beattie, for the following info about Daniel:

                Daniel Hopkirk joined the ship "Vancouver" on 30 August 1841 as seaman earning 24 pounds per year. Daniel sailed on

                9 September 1841 "for the coast," arriving 3 April 1842. He returned on the "Vancouver," "leaving the coast" on 29

                November 1843 and arriving in London 10 June 1844.  (Both trips took over 6 months. It is believed he travelled from England, to Vancouver, BC, and back.)

The James born in 1796 is probably the James Hopkirk who arrived in New York from Nova Scotia on 16 January 1835 on the ship Sarah Sheafe. The departure port was Liverpool. With James was his 14 year old son also named James Hopkirk. That would place his birth year at about 1820. Both are listed as "Mariners". James senior is listed as belonging to England, while James Hopkirk, Junior, is listed as belonging to Nova Scotia. They both intend to inhabit Nova Scotia. James passed away on 25 August 1867 at Dorchester, Massachusetts, USA. The death record states his age as 70 years, 10 months and 1 day. (This would be off by a few days) Born in England, his father's name was Daniel and his mother's name was Ann. His occupation was "dyer", probably linen like other Hopkirks. He was listed as married, but the wife's name is not given. He died of "inflamation".

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