Francis HOPKIRK & Jane Minikin

It is probable that Francis' grandparents were Francis HOPKIRK and Mary PATERSON. We have some decent clues that lead us to believe this, but we are far from anything conclusive. At this point it is shear speculation. We now have additional information to suggest this Francis Hopkirk is the descendant of Francis Hopkirk and Mary PATERSON of the Glasgow branch of the family. DNA testing has confirmed that this branch of the family(the Nairobi Hopkirk branch) is more closely related to the Glasgow branch of the family than any other branch of Hopkirks, Hobkirks, Habkirks or Hopekirks. Francis could possibly be the Francis HOBKIRK born 19 April 1747 to Francis HOBKIRK at All Saints, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland.

Francis HOPKIRK and Jane MILIKIN were married on 2 December 1771 at London, Middlesex, Tower Hamlets, in the parish of St. John of Wapping. (memo: there was also a marriage on 8 July 1764 between William HOPKIRK & Elizabeth BURGESS, at the same location.  William and Francis are probably brothers.

All the information from this point on came from the family bible of Hubert Gordon HOPKIRK who died  in 1956 in Bangkok, Thailand, and from letters written by Hubert Gordon HOPKIRK to Robert D.M.B.HOPKIRK, of the Melrose Hopkirks, formerly of New Zealand and recently deceased of London.

Items in purple came from the 200 year old family bible of Hubert(11) Gordon HOPKIRK. Items in green are from letters written by Hubert Gordon HOPKIRK to Robert HOPKIRK.  Hubert wrote that his father once said that their 'forefathers came from Roxburgh.'  Another clue we have is that Hubert also wrote "I also have a family coat-of-arms, which my grandfather used for his ex libris."  This is an important clue. It is the Glasgow Hopkirks that had the Coat of Arms, and it was also the Glasgow Hopkirks that were into shipping.

Francis(7) HOPKIRK was probably married to Jane, last name is not known.(See marriage record above)
Their child Thomas probably had brothers and sisters, but Thomas is the only one listed in the bible.

The following Four(4) Christenings come from IGI records:

On 26 Nov 1775, a Mary HOPKIRK was christened. Parents were Francis HOPKIRK and his wife Jane at Saint George in
     The East, Stepney, London, England.(This is a neutral clue...Francis Hopkirk's mother from the Glasgow line was Elizabeth. Francis Hopkirk of the Glasgow line had three sisters named Mary, at least two of whom died in infancy. So he may have been requested to name a child Mary.)

On 19 April 1778, a Francis HOPKIRK was christened. Parents were Francis HOPKIRK and his wife Jane at Saint George in
     The East, Stepney, London, England

On 6 Aug 1780, a John HOPKIRK was christened. Parents were Francis HOPKIRK and his wife Jane at Saint George in The
     East, Stepney, London, England(This is a negative clue, since he would be older than Thomas. Sometimes there is a break
     in the naming pattern if there is a death in the family.)

On 21 July 1782, a Thomas HOPKIRK was christened at Saint George in The East, Stepney, London, England. (This is undoubtedly
     the Thomas HOPKIRK born 14 June 1782, and the only child of Francis and Jane listed in the 200 year old bible.)

On 9 January 1785, a James HOPKIRK was christened at St. George in the East, Stepney, London, England.

     Thomas(8) Hopkirk, born 14 Jun 1782. Another clue. Thomas is the name of Francis's Father, and Scottish naming tradition states that the first son is named after the father. On 21 Oct 1815, Thomas(8) Hopkirk married Mary Elizabeth Vanderpump. (The marriage record states it was in the presence of Lewis and Caroline Vanderpump, in the Parish of St. George, Middlesex. Were Lewis and Caroline Mary's parents?)  Thomas(8) Hopkirk died 6 Feb 1830, in Kingston, Jamaica. Thomas(8) Hopkirk served his country in the Royal Navy during the war between Great Brittain and France, was wounded in an action in the Mediterranean and was present at the memorable battle of Trafalgar. In 1815 he retired from the Royal Navy and entered the Mercantile Marine. Died of Cholera after 3 days illness while in command of the ship "Nourashal."
Thomas(8) HOPKIRK and Mary Elizabeth VANDERPUMP had the following children:

     Lydia Jane HOPKIRK, born 19 July 1816 in Waterman's Row, Wapping, London, baptised 4 Aug 1816

     Thomas(9) HOPKIRK, born in London 16 August 1819, baptised 5 Sep 1819.

     Caroline Mathilda HOPKIRK, born 19 January 1823 in Church Gardens, Wapping, London, baptised 7 May 1823

     Francis(9) Lewis HOPKIRK, born 7 June 1825. Per Letter written by Hubert Gordon HOPKIRK, dated 15 May 1956, As of 1942, there were two Hopkirks in Nairobi.  They were the grandchildren of Francis Lewis HOPKIRK. The oldest was a doctor. The younger was a farmer. (Exciting news....we have been contacted by descendants of Francis(9) Lewis Hopkirk. Click on his link for more info)

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