Thomas and Charlotte HOPKIRK

Thomas(9) HOPKIRK was the eldest son of Thomas(8) HOPKIRK and Mary Elizabeth VANDERTROMP

Thomas was born 6 August 1819 on Broad Street, Wapping, London and baptised on 5 September 1819 at Tower Hamlets, St. George In The East, Stepney, London.

Our thanks goes to Professor Bernard de Neumann, Royal Hospital School Achivist,  for supplying the information below in purple. Mr. de Neumann is currently researching a new history of the Royal Hospital School at Greenwich, where Thomas Hopkirk was probably a pupil. The book will be published in 2012 to mark the school's tercentenary, or tricentennial. If you wish to contact Mr. de Neumann about his effort, he can be contacted by email.

The name of Thomas' wife was not known Hubert Gordon HOPKIRK. But from the 1881 census she was certainly named Charlotte. The items below in RED come from the 1881 Census.

Thomas(9) HOPKIRK was a naval captain who in later life ran a posh school, a prep, for Woolwhich and Sandhurst.  Although very clever, seems to have been a typical Victorian tryant. Thomas' wife was named Charlotte and was born in Chilton, Lancashire, England and was aged 58 in 1881. So she was born about 1833. Charlotte's marital status is listed as Widowed. Her occupation is listed as "Income Derived From Investments" Her husband, Thomas must have passed away by 1881, since he is not listed, and she is listed as a widow.

Thomas was elected a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society on December 14, 1849. Thomas Hopkirk is listed in a 1852 tribute to  the retiring headmaster, Edward Riddle, of the (Greenwich) Royal Hospital School. Thomas is listed as the Principal of the Military Academy, Eltham, Kent, UK. Thomas Hopkirk was possibly a former student of the Royal Hospital School, as Mr. Riddle is mentioned in Thomas' obituary below.

Thomas(9) HOPKIRK married Charlotte HEATH on 22 June 1848 at the Manchester Cathedral, Lancashire. Thomas and his wife Charlotte, had the following known children:

     Charles(10) Thomas HOPKIRK, born about 1849. He was a clergyman, who died in retirement on the Isle of Wight 2 months before the start of World War II. From the 1881 census,  he is listed as Chas. T. HOPKIRK , son, age 32 and his occupation is listed as M A of Oxford. A there is a marriage record for Charles Thomas HOPKIRK & Frances Levy BENSUSAN at Hackney, St. John on 15 July 1885.

     Edith Mathilda Caroline HOPKIRK, daughter, born March quarter of 1852, Eltham, Kent. Her occupation is listed as "Comedian Actor."

     Blanch Lever HOPKIRK, daughter, born about 1853/54, Eltham, Kent. Her occupation is listed as "Comedian Actor."

     Clara Charlotte Victoria HOPKIRK, daughter, born Dec. quarter 1855, Eltham, Kent. Her occupation is listed as "Comedian Actor."

     Arthur(10) Francis HOPKIRK, born 20 Jun 1857, Eltham, Kent.  son. His occupation is listed as "Actor Comedian."

     Beatrice Georgina Mary HOPKIRK, daughter, born 21 July 1859, Eltham, Kent. Her occupation is listed as "Comedian."    

Other people also living in the household as of the 1881 census:

     Wm. A. ELDER, visitor, married, age 58, born London, Middlesex, Listed as a "Rector of St. Augustains Norwich"

      Mathilda C. ELDER, Sister-In-Law, age 58, married, born London, Middlesex. No Occupation listed.

     Louisa HEATH, Cousin, unmarried, age 43, born Lancashire, England. Occupation listed as "Annuitant."

     Ann BERWICK, Other, age 50, born Bexley, Kent. Occupation listed as "Servant."

     Elizbth ASKEY, Other, age 21, born Brighton, Sussex. Occupation listed as "Cook."

     Elizbth HOLLOWAY, Other, age 24, born Stretton, Suffolk. Occupation listed as "Housemaid."

The census dwelling is listed as "Eltham Lo" and the Census Place is listed as "Camberwell, Surrey, England."

Following is an obituary for Thomas Hopkirk from the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society vol. 42:

Thomas Hopkirk was born in London on August 16, 1819. His father, who had seen service in both the Royal and Merchant Navies, wished his son to follow a naval career, and he was accordingly placed under Mr Riddle, as tutor, from whom he acquired the knowledge of mathematics that he afterwards found so useful to him. He spent two or three years at sea, but soon acquired a dislike for a nautical life and settled down at home as a mathematical tutor. His principal occupation for many years was the preparation of youths for all branches of the military service, but chiefly for the Artillery and Engineers. As a tutor he was very successful, and his reputation was well established. Almost worn out by hard work, he retired from his professional labours in 1861, at the early age of 42, and spent several years in foreign travel. He died, after a prolonged illness, at Norwood, on March 26, 1881. His death was hastened by an accidental fall, which induced paralysis.

As of 1956, Hubert "Gordon" HOPKIRK thought there were no living descendants of Thomas(9) HOPKIRK, other than himself. But Gordon didn't seem to know about his aunts listed above. Possibly he was trying to say there are no other known relatives with the last name of Hopkirk.
Additionally, Hubert Gordon HOPKIRK may have gotten his grandfather and great grandfather mixed up when he says Thomas was a "naval captian", since from Thomas Hopkirk the younger's obituary we know he did not follow in his father's foot steps and only spent 2 or 3 years at sea.

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