Francis(5) HOPKIRK was probably the son of William(4) HOPKIRK, born around 1677.

This is the beginning of the Hopkirk's of Glasgow.

Francis(5) HOPKIRK married Mary PATERSON in 1704, in Glasgow, Scotland. They had the following children:

     John(6) HOPKIRK, christened 9 Dec 1705, Glasgow. He must have died prior to 1709.

     Elizabeth(6) HOPKIRK christened 4 Sep 1707, Glasgow.  She must have died prior to 1710.

     John(6) HOPKIRK, christened 3 May 1709, Glasgow.

     Elizabeth(6) HOPKIRK, christened 20 Aug 1710, Glasgow.  She must  have died prior to 1721.

     Mary(6) HOPKIRK, christened 6 Jul 1712, Glasgow. She probably died prior to 1719.

     Francis(6) HOPKIRK, christened 2 Mar 1714, Glasgow. He must have died prior to 1717.

     Thomas(6) HOPKIRK, christened 22 Jan 1716, Glasgow. He married Elizabeth Smellie on 15 Jan 1744.

     Francis(6) HOPKIRK, christened 11 Aug 1717, Glasgow. He must have died prior to 1723.

     Mary(6) HOPKIRK, christened 15 Feb 1719, Glasgow.

     Elizabeth(6) HOPKIRK, christened 9 Apr 1721, Glasgow

     Francis(6) HOPKIRK, christened 6 May 1723, Glasgow. 

MEMO: It is likely that either John, born 1709, or Francis, born 1723, also had a son named Francis, since it is Scottish naming tradition to name the first son after the father's father. This would most likely be the source of the Nairobi Branch of the family. DNA testing has proven these two families are closely related and the Nairobi Branch starts with a Francis HOPKIRK

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