This family originally came from Dalkeith, a few miles southeast of Edinburgh, in the late 1600's.

In the latter half of the 1700's they became a very prominent family in Glasgow. They were in politics, shipping, etc.

See Famous Hopkirks Thomas and Paddy. They are from this branch of the family.

Cecil, Thomas, Lily and Frederick Hopkirk of the Belfast Hopkirks

around 1900. They are descended from Thomas Hopkirk the botanist.

The information in blue is included with the original Coat of  Arms, the information in red is speculation, the information in green is from parish records.

John(1) HOPKIRK, had a son

John(2) HOPKIRK(his wife was probably Euphane HUNTER), they probably had at least five children: 

     Thomas(3) HOPKIRK, b. 26 Oct 1625, Dalkeith. This is probably the Thomas who married in Melrose in 1647. See the Hopkirk Family of Melrose main page.

     whose "second son who lived in Leith" was Alexander(3) Hopkirk (probably born 21 Oct 1627, Dalkeith)
          he had a son named William(4) HOPKIRK, lived in Cowsland, Cranstoun, probably born around 1652.
               he had a son named Francis(5) HOPKIRK, probably born about 1677,
who married Mary Patterson.
Click on Francis(5) HOPKIRK above to see the rest of the Glasgow family.

     John(3) HOPKIRK, who married Eliz. HART

     William(3) HOPKIRK, who married Isabel WILSON on June 1657, Dalkeith

     Helen(3) HOPKIRK, born 29 May 1645, Dalkeith.

There were probably other births, given the great gap in ages of the children.

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