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The first record of a Hopkirk in Melrose was the marriage of Thomas HOPKIRK and Annapel ANDERSON in 1647.

Thomas may have come from Dalkeith, near Edinburgh.  He is possibly the Thomas born 26 October 1625. See the Hopkirk family of Glasgow main page.

The earliest known ancestor on this line is William(1) Alexander HOPKIRK, probably born between 1650 and 1660. William ran an Ale House in Melrose, along with his two daughters.   He was the father of the following children:  The (1) after William signifies the known beginning of this line. The (2) after a name would signify the next generation, and the (3) the next, and so on.  William(1)'s wife's name is unknown, but it is probably either Elizabeth or Helen.

Nicoll(2)(male) HOPKIRK, born 8 Dec. 1682 in Melrose

William(2) HOPKIRK, born 25 Sep 1685, Melrose. His wife was Isabel HUNTER.

          William(2) and Isabel had the following children:

           William(3) HOPKIRK, christened 7 Nov. 1714, in Melrose Click on William(3) to see the rest of
                    the  Hopkirk Family from Melrose.

           Daughter(3) HOPKIRK, christened 31 August 1718 in Galashiels, Selkirk

           Alexander(3) HOPKIRK, christened 10 Jan 1720 in Galashiels, Selkirk

           There was probably a third son named James HOPKIRK, who, along with Margaret WALKER,
                    had a son named James HOPKIRK in Melrose on 4 Mar 1739. Based on DNA and the fact that  George Hobkirk                  
and Helen Porteas named their first son James, this may be the source of the Habkirk/Hobkirk branch from Jedburgh.

Elizabeth(2)(Bessie) HOPKIRK, born 18 Nov 1692, Melrose. Married George ACHISON, 24 Dec 1714, Melrose

          Child: Thomas(3) ACHISON, born 20 Dec 1724, Melrose

Helen(2) HOPKIRK, born 22 Apr 1694, Melrose.  Died prior to 28 Nov. 1697.

Alexander(2) HOPKIRK, born 10 Jan 1696, Melrose.

Helen(2) HOPKIRK, born 28 Nov 1697, Melrose.

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