William HOPKIRK & Susanna Wanlees & Isobel TAIT & Margaret LAWRIE

William(3) HOPKIRK, born 7 Nov. 1714, Melrose to William(2) HOPKIRK and Isobel HUNTER

    William HOPKIRK was a Taylor by trade in Melrose.

     On 15 May 1738 a son was born to William HOPKIRK and Susanna WANLEES, out of wedlock. The son's name is not known. There was no marriage, their child was born out of wedlock. William Hopkirk and Susanna Wanlees appeared before the Melrose Parish congregation on 25 June 1738 and admitted their sin occurred in August 1737 at Susanna Wanlees' mother's house in Gatesyde of Newcastle, England, and they were rebuked by the congregation.   For a copy of the record go here.  Susanah WANLIS was baptised  24 January 1714 in Gatesheaad, Durham, England. Susanah's father was Thomas WANLIS.

     William(3) HOPKIRK married Isobel TAIT on 13 October 1739, Melrose, Roxburghshire, Scotland


             Isobel(4) HOPKIRK, 7 Dec 1740, Melrose. Baptism witnesses: William (2) HOPKIRK & John TAIT
                    (probably the grandfathers)

             Walter HAPKIRK, christened 29 Mar 1741, Selkirk. Walter HOPKIRK died 13 October 1746 in Selkirk.

             Simeon HAPKIRK, born 10 May 1743 and christened 22 May 1743, Selkirk. Simon HOPKIRK died 21 June 1746 in Selkirk.

             William(4) HOPKIRK, 17 Mar 1745, Melrose. Baptism witnesses: John TAIT & William(2) HOPKIRK. William died 11 May 1746 in Selkirk.

             William(4)HOPKIRK,11 May 1746, Melrose. Baptism witnesses: William(2) HOPKIRK & John TAIT  (This may be a mistake, more research is needed.)

             Margeret(4) HOPKIRK, 6 Nov 1748, Melrose. Baptism witnesses: John TAIT & William BELL

             Isobel4) HOPKIRK, 3 Mar 1751, Melrose. Baptsim witnesses: John DAWSON & Thomas MARR

On 16 December 1752 William HOPKIRK, Taylor of Melrose, paid duties for his indentured employee, Andrew MERCER. Duties were paid effective  13 November 1752.

Click on this link to see the Indentured Duties paid document. Memo: Is Andrew MERCER some how related to Anne Mercer HOPKIRK and/or Agnes Mercer HOPKIRK? See below.

Isobel TAIT may have died in childbirth, because on 30 Dec 1752 in Melrose, William(3) HOPKIRK married
Margeret LAWRIE. She had been married to William COOK, and probably he had died also.
It may have been more a marriage of convenience.

This second marriage of William(3) HOPKIRK and Margeret LAWRIE had two children:

            James(4) HOPKIRK, born 16 May 1756, Melrose. The Hopkirks of South Africa, through son Davod, and the Hopkirks of New Zealand and about 90% of the Hopkirks of the USA
                     are descended from James HOPKIRK and his wife Anne WRIGHT. 

            Alexander(4) HOPKIRK, born 18 Feb 1759, Melrose. Died 8 Nov 1826 & buried at the Melrose Abbey.

                          Alexander(4) HOPKIRK married Barbara AMOS.  Their children were:

                    Betty(5) HOPKIRK, 17 Nov 1782

                    Jean(5) HOPKIRK,  Christened 17 Apr 1785. Died in 14 April 1800 of fever. Age listed as 16.

                    William(5) HOPKIRK, 13 Feb 1789. (Named after father's father)

                    Christian(5) HOPKIRK, 6 Mar 1791

                    Margeret(5) HOPKIRK, 30 Jun 1793(Named after father's mother)

                    Anne(5) Mercer HOPKIRK, 1 Nov 1795  She may have been named after Agnes Mercer HOPKIRK who
                                 was married to another James HOPKIRK. Agnes HOPKIRK had just died.   This leads us to
                                  believe that Agnes was probably an Aunt.

                    David(5) Erskine HOPKIRK, 16 Feb 1800

                    Jean(5) HOPKIRK, 22 Aug 1802

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