Alexander HOPKIRK was a younger son of William HOPKIRK and Isabel HUNTER

Alexander was christened 10 January 1720 in Galashiels, Selkirk.

Alexander HOPKIRK became a linen dyer at Dryburgh and died there in 1789.

Alexander married Isabel Paterson at Galashiels on 1 July 1742. They had the following children, all christened at Galahiels:

     Helen HOPKIRK, 5 May 1743. Presumably died before 1749.

     William HOPKIRK, 28 April 1745.

     Helen HOPKIRK, 5 May 1749

     George HOPKIRK, 17 June 1750

     John HOPKIRK, 12 August 1753. Presumably died before 1755.

Isobel Paterson must have died shortly after the birth of her son John.

On 26 July 1754 Alexander HOPKIRK married Jane Bridges at Galashiels.

Alexander HOPKIRK and Jane BRIDGES had the following children:

     John HOPKIRK, 1 July 1755 at Galashiels.  This is most likely the source of the Hopkirk Family of LARGS.

     James HOPKIRK, 4 November 1756 at Galashiels.  James died 14 August 1777, aged 21 Years

     George HOPKIRK, born about 1765, in Dryburgh. He died on 11 March 1813. Please read
          Mary Perkins Hopkirk's Melrose Hopkirk History for more information about George and the
          Jamaican Hopkirks . View Geoge Hopkirk's death record from the West Indies. which states he was born in Dryburgh to Alexander Hopkirk and Jean Briggs. Go here to see the list of known Hopkirk births in Jamaica.
         Jean HOPKIRK, born about 1769, birthplace unknown,  who died 21 August 1770, aged 1 year.

From the book "Annals and antiquities of Dryburgh and other places on the Tweed" By Sir David Erskine, published in 1836, but the details below were recorded on December 17, 1827. The part below in green is the actual wording from the the monument. The part in Aqua is Erskine's writing.

There is the following information on pages 70 and 71: The grandsons of this Zerubabell Forson still reside in the Red Houses, Dryburgh. They are called David and Zerubabell; the former was married only the day before yesterday(December 15, 1827,) to a young woman from Clackmay, on the estate of James Hume, Esq. of Carrolside; an uncle of theirs distinguished himself as a printer in the Principality, commonly called Lordship of Berwick-upon Tweed.*

The next is an obelisk monument, and belongs to the very respectible and ancient family from which Alderman Bridges, M.P., and lately Lord mayor of London, is descended-Here lies the dust of Alexander Hopkirk, late indweller in Dryburgh, who died 27th of January, 1789, aged 69 years.

Before I give the rest of this monument, I will mention the antiquity of this family. Nisbet's Baronage says, p. 7-"Richard II, of England made solemn proclamation of a tournement to be held in London, through Scotland, France, and Flanders, to which several stranger knights resorted." After mentioning several tilts, he adds-"The next Scotchman was Sir William Dalzell, the King of Scotland's banner bearer; he challenged Sir Philip Courtney, the King of England's banner bearer, and when they had ridden many courses they gave over without a seen victory. Then Cockburn, Esq. of Scotland, justed with Sir Nicholas Howbkerk, but Cockburn was borne over horse and man, anno 1395." So this is by no means a family of yesterday. But to continue-as follows on the monument:- Also James Hopkirk, his son, who died 14th August, 1777, aged 21 years. Also Jean Hopkirk, his daughter, died 21st of August, 1770. Also Jean Briggs, his wife (or Bridges), who died 23rd October, 1804, aged 77 years. (This was the aunt of the Lord Mayor.)

We find on the pedestal-On the pedestal is the following: George Hopkirk, their son, died at Roxburgh Castle, in the Island of Jamaica, March 11, aged 48 years. George Hopkirk, their son, dedicates this monument to their memory as a tribute of affection and gratitude. This George Hopkirk made a handsome fortune in the Island of Jamaica, and left it to his family.* (4,000 Pounds Sterling)

The next is their son-in-law-Also of John Gray, manufacturer in Greenlaw (formerly in Dryburgh Mill) who died there the 14th of August, 1821, aged 65 years. He was an active, benevolent, upright man, generally esteemed, to his death deeply lamented by his family and friends.

This monument is adjoining to James Hill's Esq. of Walthamstow.

Click here to see the picture of the inscription on the approximately 12 foot tall obelisk monument to George HOPKIRK erected on the Dryburgh Abbey grounds.  Dryburgh is only a couple miles from Melrose.

Jean Bridges(or Briggs) was probably the child christened 29 October 1727 in Maxton, Roxburghshire as Jean Brig. Her father was James Brig. Maxton is only a couple miles from Dryburgh and Melrose, and you will notice Jean and Alexander's first son was named James. Alexander already had a son named after his father William by his first marriage, so naming tradition means the next son should be named after Jean's father.

If the Sir Nicholas Howbkerk, or Hawberk mentioned above is really the head of our family, then there, we must deal with the issue that most records have his name being spelled as Howberk

Joan DE LA POLE, 4th Baroness Cobham, also married Sir Nicholas HAWBERK before 1406. He was her 3rd husband and she was his 2nd wife 3943. (Sir Nicholas HAWBERK was born about 1365 in England and died on 9 Oct 1407 in Cobham Church, Kent, England 9810.) A few places have his birth as being in Germany. he died: 9 Oct 1407, Cobham Church, Kent, England. Nicholas and Joan had a son named John who died as an infant.

Below is a likeness of Sir Nicholas HAWBERK, died 1407. Nicholas is shown wearing platemail with a bascinet and aventail, and his head rests on a tilting helm, and beside this a fish curled up into a ring, an early symbol of christians. Nicholas stands on a mound with a lion at his feet and beside him a minature of his son John. The inscription reads: "Here lies Nicholas Hawberk esquire third husband of Lady Jone Lady of Cobham heir of Lord John of Cobham Founder of this college which same Nicholas died at Cooling Castle on the ninth day of October AD 1407. On whose soul may the lord have Mercy. Amen".

There is also a Simon(aka Hugh) HAWBERK from the early 1300's, and a Lawrence HAWBERKE with a son named Isold in the 1300's.

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