From the death record of James(2) HOPKIRK who died in 1864 in Largs, Scotland we know that John(1) HOPKIRK was a baker in Jedburgh.  He was probably born between 1750 and 1760.  (The John Hopkirk of the Melrose branch, christened at Galashiels 1 July 1755, may be this John Hopkirk.)

Unfortunately the death record of James(2) HOPKIRK does not list the name of James' mother.

We also know from James' death record that he was born in Jedburgh around 1784, and that James was a shoemaker. The informant for the death record was his son Robert. This is another clue leading us to believe there may be a connection to the Melrose Hopkirks, since James Hopkirk(1756-1841) of the Melrose branch was also a shoemaker and was living in Jedburgh in the 1780's. And finally, thanks to DNA testing, there is an absolute certainty that the families are related. A descendant of Frank Hopkirk(1873-1946) on the Melrose, and Robert Hopkirk & Janet Guthrie of the Jedburgh line have a 36 out of 37 dna marker match.

James(2) HOPKIRK married Christiane LAURIE on 26 November 1803 in Dunbar, East Lothian. Their names were recorded as James HOBKIRK and Christian LAWRIE.  An 1837 directory of Largs lists James Hopkirk as a boot and shoemaker, of 9 Nelson Street. Also sharing the space is Peter Lamont. James Hopkirk's son Robert, below, married Mary Lamont. Peter was probably Mary's younger brother, age 16 years in 1837. The 1841 Largs census lists James Hopkirk , age 58, a Shoemaker, Christiana Hopkirk, age 56, William Hopkirk, age 18, a Weaver, Deborah Hopkirk, age 17 , Thomas Hopkirk, age 15 all born outside of Ayrshire, and Robert Morris, age 60, a Weaver. The 1851 census lists Peter Lamont as a shoemaker. On October 10, 1843 Mrs. James Hopkirk, age 62, of Nelson Street passed away. The death notice places her birth year around 1781, while the census places her birth around 1785.  

This couple had the following known children:

James(3) HOPKIRK, born about 1817 in ?????

Robert(3) HOPKIRK, born about 1814 in Haddington.

William(3) HOPKIRK, born 19 June 1819 in Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland

Deborah(3) HOPKIRK, christened 23 June 1822 at Abbey(Paisley), Renfrow, Scotland

Thomas(3) HOPKIRK, christened 31 July 1825 at Abbey(Paisley), Renfrow, Scotland
Memo, Thomas  Hopkirk is probably the Thomas Hopekirk of Largs reported as drowning when a lugsail boat capsized off Innellan on Saturday 24 July 1869 as reported in the Liverpool Mercury on 27 July 1869.

There were probably many more children, since this couple was married in 1803, but the first known child was born over 10 years later.  There definitely would have been a John, which would have been the name of the fathers father, and a Christian or Christina after the mother.

There was a Christina Hopkirk that married a William Craig at Paisley, Renfrow in 1830 and she is probably the child of James Hopkirk and Christiane Laurie. Christina and William had a child named James Hopkirk Craig.

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