James HOPKIRK & Rachel Dunn

James(3) HOPKIRK was a son of James HOPKIRK and Christian LAURIE.

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James(3) HOPKIRK was born around 1816 or 1817, since his death record in 1859 lists his age as 42.

(It was probably this James, who on 2 March 1839 married Janet MALCOLM in Largs, and the next day their was a ceremony for the same couple at the High Church, Paisley, Renfrew.)

James(3) HOPKIRK married Rachel DUNN.  Rachel was the daughter of James DUNN and Jean McMILLAN, and Rachel died in 1879.

James Hopkirk drowned 14 March 1859 at "Aird lamont point", undoubtedly while fishing. He is supposed to be buried atin the Largs graveyard. The informant on the death record is listed as his wife "Ratchel" and gives his age as 42, and his parents are listed as James Hopkirk, shoemaker and Christiane Lourie, deceased.

By the 1861 Census, Rachel was a widow and her two sons, James age 15 and Robert age 13 were living with her.

James and Rachel had the following known children:

   James(4) HOPKIRK born about 1844(1901 census) or 1846.

   Robert(4) HOPKIRK born between 1846(1901 census) or 1848.

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