James(4) HOPKIRK and Mary TAYLOR

James(4) was the son of James(3) HOPKIRK and Rachel DUNN.

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James(4) HOPKIRK was born about 1846 in Nap, Argyllshire(per the 1861 census) or Carra, Argyllshire(per the 1881 census), but family tradition says he was born in Pirn Mill, Arran.  Nap is probably correct, since the informant for the 1861 census was probably his mother.  James(4) was a seaman like his father.  He married Mary TAYLOR on 23 Feb 1872.   James(4) and Mary were living in Largs as of the 1881 Census.  By the time of the 1891 Census, they had relocated to Airdale, Lanarkshire.  James died in Paisley on 19 December 1910. His wife, Mary Taylor, was born about 1849 in Airdrie and died in Paisley on 3 December 1921. Both are buried in Woodside Cemetery, Paisley. James and Mary had the following children, all born in Largs:  

     James(5) HOPKIRK, born 11 July 1872 in Ayr.  Known as "Jimmach."   He was a seaman, married in Paisley in 1900.
          Descendants of this family still live in Largs. 

     William(5) Taylor HOPKIRK, born 6 Nov 1873. William died in Airdale, Lanarkshire in 1875.

     Margaret(5) HOPKIRK, born 15 Sep 1875.  She died in Largs on 22 May 1882.

     George(5) HOPKIRK, born about 1878 in Largs. He lived to adulthood, had an adopted daughter named Mary.

     Jane(5) HOPKIRK, born about 1879 in Largs. Jane married a Mr. Shearer. She was known as Aunt Jean.

     Robert(5) HOPKIRK, born about 1881 in Largs.  He married Maggie Dolan in Paisley on 14 February 1902.
          This family moved to Clydebank.

     Alexander(5) Taylor HOPKIRK, born 2 July 1882 in Largs. He married Elizabeth Murray COWDELL
          of Greenock, in Paisley in 1902. Alexander was a painter/house decorator by trade.
          Alexander passed away on March 19, 1942 while residing at 34 Tahahill Road, Paisley, from pneumonia.
          He was buried at Hawk Head Cemetery, Paisley. He was almost 60 years old.
          Elizabeth passed away in 1977 and is buried with her husband Alexander.
          They had 7 daughters. Six of the daughters came to the USA. One is still living.
          The other daughter is still living in England.    Further information is private at this time.
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     Mary(5) HOPKIRK, born in 1887 in Largs. Mary married a Mr. Lockhardt and moved to Kent.

     Rachel(5) HOPKIRK, born in 1886 in Largs. Rachel married Andrew Streling Speirs in Paisley 13 March 1906.
          Rachel and Andrew possibly had 2 daughters.

     Agnes(5) Gills HOPKIRK, born 13 Jun3 1889 in Largs.  Agnes married Robert Sproul on 7 August 1912 in Paisley.
          Agnes and Robert had 5 sons. Agnes died 22 June 1929 in Paisley, of Lobar pneumonia.. Below is a picture of Agnes and Robert.

In 1881 this family lived at 16 Brisbane Road, Largs. James was a fisherman.

The 1891 census for Airdrie for this family gives James HOPKIRK'S birthplace as "Blind Man's Bay, Argyllshire.

In 1901, James is living with his brother Robert at 30 Nelson Street, Largs. James is listed as a fisherman on his own account, married, age 57 and born Argyllshire, Ardlamont.
It is unclear why James is not living with his wife as of the census date, and now we have a fifth possible birth location for James!!!

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