Robert HOPKIRK & Margaret DOLAN

Robert HOPKIRK was born about 1881 in Largs, the sixth child of James HOPKIRK & Mary TAYLOR

Robert HOPKIRK married Margaret (Maggie) DOLAN on February 14, 1902 in Paisley.

Robert and Maggie had the following children:

     Margaret HOPKIRK, born 4 May 1902 in Paisley.

     Robert HOPKIRK, born 10 May 1905 in Paisley. Robert passed away in 1985.

     Thomas Richardson HOPKIRK, born 31 May 1907 in Paisley. Thomas passed away in 1974. 

     James HOPKIRK, born  1 July 1909 in Paisley. James passed away in 1995.

     William Taylor HOPKIRK, born 2 April 1914 in Clydebank.

     There may have also been a daughter named Emma.

All of the above birth records listed the parents as Robert and Maggie whose marriage was 14 February 1902.

Robert HOPKIRK passed away on 1 May 1927, at the age of 46, in Clydebank. The death certificate lists his wife as Margaret DICKSON. This is either an error by the informant, his son Thomas Richardson HOPKIRK, or Robert remarried.

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