Francis Lewis Hopkirk

Francis Lewis(9) HOPKIRK was one of at least four children of Thomas(8) HOPKIRK and Mary Elizabeth VANDERTROMP

Francis' mother's last name may have been VANDERPUMP.

Francis Lewis HOPKIRK, Esq. married Mary SCOTT, youngest surviving daughter of Walter Scott, esq. of Old Charlton and H.M.'s Dockyard, Woolwich. Married at the parish church of St. Paul, Charlton, Kent by the Rev. W.H. Pritchett on Saturday 8 August 1868. (From the Pall Mall Gazette, London 12.8.1868)

Hopkirk, Francis L.(Mrs.) gave birth to a son at Burnt Ash-Hill, Lee on 21 March 1876.(From the Pall Mall Gazette, London 22 March 1876)

The above was probably the birth listing for Frank HOPKIRK, the only known child of Francis Lewis HOPKIRK & Mary SCOTT.

Frank(10) HOPKIRK married Edith Anne HOLTON (STEWART).See Edith's picture below, with her children

Frank(10) HOPKIRK was described as a Livery Company Accountant, and lived at 5 Baring Road, Lee, London.

Frank and Edith had at least two children....

William Gerald Stewart(11) HOPKIRK, born 26 Dec 1901, Lee, London. William pasted away on 14 January 1977.  (William was the Doctor in Nairobi referred to in the 1956 letter of Hubert Gordon HOPKIRK.)

Colin(11) HOPKIRK, born about 1903. Colin was the farmer in Nairobi in the 1956 letter of Hubert Gordon Hopkirk. Colin was married to Mary Georgina Fey and he died in 1945.  They had at two children, one now living in the UK and the other is in Germany..

(Below is a picture of William Gerald Stewart(11) standing, Colin(11) and their mother Edith in late 1903 or early 1904)

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