William Gerald Stewart HOPKIRK

William Gerald Stewart(11) HOPKIRK was a son of Frank(10) Hopkirk and Edith Annie Holton Hopkirk (nee Stewart)  of 5 Baring Rd., Lee Lewisham, London. William was born 26 December 1901.  He was educated at Christs Hospital School, Horesham.  He did his undergraduate medical training at Caius College Cambridge and University College Hospital, London. He graduated in the early 1920's.  He worked on the House at University College Hospital Before going to Nairobi, Kenya in the late 1920's. Initially he worked as a general practitioner, then as an anaeshetist.  During the Second World War he was in the RAMC in East Africa.  In the late 1940's he returned to the UK to undertake training in Radiology. Qualified with the DMRD, he returned to Nairobi as a consultant radiologist, working at King George VI Hospital and the European Hospital.  Subsequently he moved to the Nairobi Hospital.  He and his wife Joan Ann were married in the late 1930's in Nairobi.  They set up house in Lenana Rd and then Bishops Rd where they lived until he died.  He was a keen golfer and fisherman until his knees prevented him from participating further.  He was a very good photographer, a hobby which we much enjoyed together. He however lived for his work.  It was as much as we could do to get him to take a few days off for any holiday in the year.  He continued to work until his 70's.  He did not enjoy retirement.  He and my mother came to the UK on leave in 1977.  He suffered a small stroke and a short time later had a major stroke from which he never recovered.  He died at RAF Hospital Ely, Cambridge on 14 January 1977.

Our thanks goes to William's son for supplying this brief bio of cousin William. 


William(11) Gerald Stewart HOPKIRK and his wife Joan Ann cutting their silver wedding cake.

Willian and Joan Ann HOPKIRK

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