William HOBKIRK & Cleo Ione SMITH

William HOBKIRK was the eldest child of Robert HOBKIRK and Martha L. MARTIN, born 3 November 1905 at Latham, Illinois.

William HOBKIRK married Cleo Ione SMITH of Pleasant Hill, born in 1903. She went by the name Ionn.

William and Ione settled in Pittsfield, Illinois and had the following children:

     Marilyn Beatrice HOBKIRK , born 31 July 1928 at Pleasant Hill, Illinois

     William HOBKIRK, born 30 March 1926 in Pleasant Hill, Illinois 

From the 1930 census, we know everyone was born in Illinois, except William's father was born in Scotland, William's occupation is listed as a Machinist in a Garage. Their daughter is listed as Marlin.

Marilyn married John Edward BENSON on 20 November 1951 in Pittsfield, Illinois and had one daughter. Sadly, Marilyn died in a car accident on 16 December 1977 at Barry, Illinois. John was born 17 April 1928 in Pittsfield and passed away on 29 January 1992 in Pittsfield.

William married on 26 May 1945 at Pittsfield, Illinois and had four children, all in Pittsfield, Illinois. William passed away in 30 August, 1993 at Pittsfield, of a heart attack. William's wife is still living.

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