Henry Hopkirk

Henry(5) Hopkirk was the second son of Thomas (4) Hopkirk and his wife Elizabeth

Following is information supplied by David of the Sunderland Hopkirk's.

According to David, "Henry has traditionally been changed to Harry in England, as Shakespeare famously pointed out."

It is believed that this family moved to Australia, but it is not known when.

David also says that "when I was a growing little boy (say, aged 12-16), in 1953-57, I remember it vividly in Sunderland.  I used to go to a barbershop just opposite the famous Empire Theatre.  The barber, aged about 60-70 years, to make conversation, often asked my name(imagine how boring it was to be a barber!).  When I gave it, the barber often used to ask whether I was related to Harry Hopkirk.  I, innocent youth, denied all knowledge, and would go home and tell my father.  He could not enlighten me.  This happened several times (in those days, my hair needed cutting a lot more often than it does today!)  and made an impression which I have never forgotten." 

"Years later, when I was 40-50, my father, Leslie and I, were researching the Family Tree in London, and I pointed the connection out to him."

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Updated June 8, 1999