Francis James HOPKIRK & Mary Anne McDUFF

Francis(9) James HOPKIRK was the only son of  Thomas(8) HOPKIRK and Agnes FARLANE

Francis(9) James HOPKIRK was born about 1833, and died about 1910. He married Mary Anne McDUFF.

Francis James Hopkirk also used the name James Hopkirk.

They lived in Belfast, and had the following children:

     Anne HOPKIRK, about 1856  in Ireland   

     Mary Alice HOPKIRK, born 26 Dec 1857 in Belfast. She married William Rea

     Francis George HOPKIRK, possibly 27 February 1864 in Belfast

     James HOPKIRK, born 20 Jul 1866, Belfaast.

     John HOPKIRK.  Per family history, he was the "wild one"  He died in America and never married.

     Sarah HOPKIRK, born 19 November 1870 in Antrim

     Thomas HOPKIRK.  He possibly married a Ms. WILLIS.

From the 1861 census this family lived at 104 Saltmarket, (2nd Back Land)Glasgow, Scotland, we find James, age 25, a boot closer, his wife, Mary Ann, age 24,and daughter Ann, age 5. Query, why isn't Mary Alice with the family?

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