David HOPKIRK & Margaret GRIEVE

 David(5) Hopkirk, born 21 June 1787. He was the third son of James(4) Hopkirk and Anne Wright.  On May 11, 1811, in Melrose, he married Margaret Grieve.  In their later years they lived at 17 Earl Grey Street, in Edinburgh.  Below is a picture of how the street looks in 1998. Does anyone know if this block of Edinburgh is unchanged in the last 150 years.?

David(5) and Margaret had the following children:

       Janet(6), christened 3 May 1812, Melrose. She was accidentally killed by a horse in Melrose on 3 Aug 1814.

       James(6), born 20 Aug 1814, Melrose, died 25 Aug 1879, South Africa   He married twice.
                 His first marriage was to Catherine Morrison, 31 Jan 1844, St Catherines, Montreal.
                 His second marriage was to Emma Alder, 30 Sep 1855, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

       David(6), born 30 March 1817 in Liberton, Midlothian, Scotland. He married Ann Goodall on May 7, 1839, Perth, Scotland

       William(6), born 29 July 1824, St. Cuthbert's, Edinburgh. He married Isabella Heriot on 31 Aug. 1859, Edinburgh, Scotland

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