David(6) Hopkirk and Ann Goodall

David(6) Hopkirk was the second son of David(5) Hopkirk and Margaret Grieve. "The Hopkirk Family of Melrose, Roxburghshire" by Mary Perkins Hopkirk states that David was the eldest son, by he was most likely the second son. Since Scottish naming tradition says that the first son is named after the fathers father, the second after the mothers father, and the third after the father, James(6) is undoubtedly the eldest.  Especially since both David(5) and Margaret's fathers were named James. 

David(6) and Ann Goodall were married on 7 May 1839 in Perth, Scotland.

Known children are:

     John(7) Hopkirk who married Helen Ritchie Hill on 7 Sep 1863 in Perth, Scotland and they had the following children:

               Janet Mary Law HOPKIRK, born 4 Jan 1866

               Helen(8) Isabella Hopkirk, born 4 Mar 1868

               David(8), Hopkirk, born 4 Mar 1868

               William(8) Henry Ritchie Hopkirk, born 8 Jan 1870, Perth, Scotland

               John(8) Hopkirk, born 9 Apr 1872, Perth, Scotland

               James(8) Hopkirk, born 16 Feb. 1874, Perth, Scotland

     James(7) Hopkirk, born 16 Jun 1850

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