John Hopkirk & Louisa C. Danielson

John (7) HOPKIRK was the second son, and fourth child of John(6) HOPKIRK and Jane NICHOLSON.

John was born 24 January 1849 in Lockridge, Iowa.   On 31 Dec 1879 he married Christina Louisa or Louisa C. DANIELSON(1852-1925).

John died on 19 January 1904.   John and Louisa had the following known children:

     Herman Hopkirk, son born 20 October 1880, and died 15 November 1880, age 26 days, there is possibly a twin, who also died.

     (Male) Hopkirk, born 27 August 1883, Lockridge Township, Jefferson County, Iowa

     Maybell(8) G. HOPKIRK, born 8 Dec 1884, in Lockridge, Iowa and died on 15 Nov 1956. She married S. GERMAN.

     Carl(8) HOPKIRK, born 8 Oct 1887, in Lockridge, Iowa, and died 24 Mar1965. He married Minnie.

     Eldra(8) HOPKIRK, born 30 May 1890, at Lockridge, Iowa, and died 2 Sep 1981.

     David Arthur(8) HOPKIRK, born 2 Jan 1892 in Lockridge, Iowa, died 25 Nov. 1974. He married Lillian JACOBSON

     Infant son Hopkirk born in late 1892, died 25 October 1893.

     Gordon(8) HOPKIRK, born 29 Jun 1894 in Lockridge, Iowa, and died 26 Mar 1986 in Lockridge, Iowa. Unmarried.

     Fern(8) HOPKIRK, born 7 May 1896 in Lockridge, Iowa and died 5 Jul 1987. She married Alton EGGENBERGER

There may also have been children named Glen, Duffy and Lowell, one of whom is probably the infant son listed above.

From the 1895 iowa State Census we find living in Lockridge: John Hopkirk born about 1849, Christena Hopkirk, born about 1853 in Sweden, and their children all born in Lockridge, Iowa: Mabel Hopkirk born about 1885, Carl Hopkirk born about 1887 Eldra Hopkirk born about 1891, David A Hopkirk born about 1892, Gordon Hopkirk born about 1895. Also Jane Hopkirk born about 1811 in England.

 From the 1900 census we find this family living in Lockridge, Iowa on th eold family farm. In the residence are John N. Hopkirk, age 51, born January 1849 in Iowa, married for 20 years, father born in Scotland and mother born in England; Louisa Hopkirk, age 46, born September 1853 in Sweden, her parents born in Sweden, married for 20 years;  Mable G. Hopkirk, age 15, born December 1884 in Iowa, daughter; Carl Hopkirk, age 13, born October 1886 in Iowa, son;  Eldra Hopkirk, age 10, born in May 1890 in Iowa, daughter; David A. Hopkirk, age 8, born in January 1892 in Iowa, son; Gordon Hopkirk, age 5, born June 1894 in Iowa, son; Fern M. Hopkirk age 4, born May 1896 in Iowa, daughter  Mary Johnson, age 19, born Dec 1880 in Iowa, her parents born in Sweden, she is a boarder Albert Danielson(possibly Charles Albert "Al" Danielson), age 21, born Aug 1878 in Iowa, parents born in Sweden, a boarder; Thomas Lawlar, age 43, born in Ireland, Sept 1856, a boarder; and Summer German, age 18, born May 1882 in Ohio, his parents born in Ohio, a boarder.

From the 1905 census we find Christina, Carl, Eldra, David A., Gordon, and Fern Hopkirk living in Lockridge, Iowa. No other details.

From the 1910 census, there are only Loiusia L, widow, Eldra J., David, Gordon and Fern M. living in the household.

From the 1920 census we find the same 5 people as the 1910 census, except now the head of household is D. A. Hopkirk, age 28, and Cristina is listed as mother.

Following is John Hopkirk's Obituary, published 1904 Fairfield, Iowa

John Hopkirk was born January 24, 1849, and died January 19, 1904. at his home east of Lockridge.  He was a son of John and Jane Hopkirk, who were among the early settlers of the county and located on a farm near Lockridge in 1839. Here their son John, one of a family of five children, was born and reared.  He married Miss Lou Danielson and they have made their home on the farm where he died. He was an industrious, kindly man, respected by all who knew him. Thirty-two years ago he was attacked by that dreadful disease cancer, and although everything was done to lesson the suffering, which was terrible, and effect a cure, all was in vain and he only grew worse.  Some time ago he professed his faith in the promises of God as revealed in His word and since then has looked forward to the time when he should be called from this world of pain and sorrow to that land whose inhabitants know neither sickness nor death. He welcomed rather than dreaded death and often spoke of his heavenly home where he would be reunited with the dear ones gone before. Funeral services which were held at the Baptist church, Thursday afternoon, were conducted by Rev. James Barton of Mt Pleasant, assisted by Rev. S.T. Horton. The former spoke words of comfort from beautiful passage of scripture, "Let not your hearts be troubled," while the later paid a tribute to the life of the deceased. Appropriate music was sung by the choir. The body was interred in the Lockridge Cemetery where just one year before his sister Beatrice was laid.  Mr. Hopkirk leaves besides the sorrowing wife three sons, Karl, David and Gordon, and three daughters, Mabel, Eldra, and Fern.

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