Carl D. HOPKIRK & Minnie ??
Carl D. HOPKIRK was the son of John N. HOPKIRK & Christina Louisa or Lousia Christina DANIELSON

Carl was born on 8 October 1887 in Lockridge, Iowa. From Carl's Social Security information, Carl was born 8 October 1886 and his Social Security card # was 479-03-1009, and he passed away in March 1965. Carl's wife was probably the Minnie Hopkirk,SS# 479-60-8335 whose last residence was 52625 Donnellson, Lee County, Iowa. born 6 January 1899 and pasted away in June 1982.

We find Carl living with his parents in Lockridge, Iowa, in the 1895, 1900, 1905.

As of the 1910 census Carl would be about 22 1/2, but he we can't find him in the census records.

In 1915 he is listed as living in Lockridge, single, age 28, born in Iowa, his father born in Iowa and his mother born in Sweden.

On 5 June 1917 Carl registereed for the draft. He is 30 years old, his address is Rt 1, Lockridge, Iowa and he was born in Lockridge, Iowa, on 8 October 1887. He is a natural born citizen, a farmer and is slwef-employed. He has no mother, father,wife or child under 12 or brother or sister under 12 dependent upon him. for support. He is "single" and "caucasian" and no previous military experience.He is medium height, medium build with light blue eyes and black hair. Here is his draft registration.

Can't find him in the 1920 census.

Fron the 1925 Iowa census, his residence on 1 January 1925 is Cedar, Lee County, Iowa. He is 38 years old, born in Iowa. His father is J.M. Hopkirk, born in Iowa and his mother is Louise Danielson, born in Sweden.

In the 1930 census we find him still in Cedar, Iowa. he is a Cashier at a bank. age 42, a boarder at the home of Mary A. Kleber, a 69 year old widow.

In the 1940 census we find Carl living in Harrison, Lee County, Iowa. he is a "hired hand" on a farm, age 52 and single. He is living in the same place as he was in 1935.

In 1946 Carl is living in Fort Madison, Iowa at 721 Avenue E, he is a renter, and he is a "Guard" at the State Penitentiary.

In 1954 Carl is still living in Fort Madison, Iowa at 721 Avenue E, he is a renter, and he is a "Guard" at the State Penitentiary. (Co-incidentally, also in the same town is the Hopkirk Insurance Agency of his cousin Rollin Hopkirk and his wife Harriet E. Hopkirk.)

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