Mabel Grace HOPKIRK & Summers D. GERMAN

Mabel HOPKIRK was the daughter of John N. HOPKIRK & Christina Louisa or Lousia Christina DANIELSON

Mabel was born on 8 December 1884 in Lockridge, Iowa.

In 1895 she was listed as 8 years old.

As of the 1900 census Mabel is age 15, born in December 1884 and living with her parents.
As of the 1900 census Summers German is age 18, born in May 1882 in Ohio, his parents born in Ohio, and he is a boarder at Mabel's parents home. (Note: in later census' Summers claims he was born in Pennsylvania, as was his father, and his mother was born in Wales and still later she was born on Prince Edward Island.)

Based on the 1930 census, Mabel and Summers must have married around 1902. They had the following known children:

     Harold W. GERMAN, born 1 October 1902, Lockridge Township, Jefferson County, Iowa

     Lowell D. GERMAN, born about 1908 in Illinois

     Eldra GERMAN, born about 1909 in Illinois (She must have pased away prior to 1920)

     Raymond T. GERMAN, born about 1912 in Illinois

     Fern E. GERMAN, born about 1918 in Illinois (Also known as Evelyn?)

     Robert P. GERMAN, born about 1922 in Illinois

     Donald W. GERMAN, born about 1924 in Illinois

From the 1910 census we find Summers D. German, age 30, in Wethersfield, Henry County, Illinois. His father was born in Ohio and his mother was born in Wales. Mable G. (Hopkirk) German, age 25, born about 1885, born in Iowa. Her father was born  in Iowa and her mother was born in Sweden. There is a son named Harold W., age 7, son Lowell D, age 2 and daughter Eldra L age 1.

From a World War I draft registration card for Summers D. German. He is living at 401 Hollis, Wethersfield, Henry County, Illinois, age 38, born 9 April 1880. He is a Fireman working for the Kewanee Light Power Company, on Main Street. His wife is Mable, also living at 401 Hollis. Date of registration was 12 September 1918.

From the 1920 census we find Summers D, age 40, born in Pennsylvania, still living at 401 Hollis, Wethersfield, Illinois. His father was born in Pennsylvania and his mother born on Prince Edward Island. He is an Engineer in a Street Car House. He rents and can read and write. Also in the home are Harold W., age 17, born in Iowa, and a laborer at an Iron Works. The rest of the children were born in Illinois. Lowell, age 12, Raymond T., age 7 and Fern E., age 2.

The 1930 census is dated 12 April 1930 and we find Summers German. Age at marriage is 20. He is now 49 and owns his house at 401 Hollis, born in Pennsylvania, father born in Pennsylvania and mother born on Prince Edward Island. He is a teamster for a lumber copmpany. Mabel is age 45, born in Iowa, father born in Iowa and mother born in Sweden. Age at mariage 17. Also in the home are children Raymond, age 18, Evenyln, age 12, Robert age 8 and Donald age 6.

The strange thing is Summers death record says he died on 4 April 1930, 8 days before the census date of 12 April 1930.
From Summers death record we find he was born on 9 April 1880 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and he died on 4 April 1930 at Kewanee, Henry County, Illinois and he was buried in the City of Kawanee, Henry County, Illinois, age 49 His occupation is laborer, residing in Hollis, Illinois. His father was Georol D. German, his mother was Mary Acklass, born on Prince Edward Island. His spouse is Mable Hopkirk. Summers was medium height, medium build, blue eyes and light skin.

In the 1940 census we find widow Mabel G. German, age 55, born in Iowa and living at 401 Payson Street. They must have changed the name of the street between 1930 and 1940. Also in the home are sonsRobert P., age 18 and Donald W. ,age 16.

Mabel Grace Hopkirk German passed away on 19 November 1956 and is buried at Wethersfield Cemetery, Kawanee, Henry County, Illinois.

From 22 November 1956 issue of the Lockridge, Iowa Timesm page 5 are these highlaights: GERMAN, Mabel Hopkirk, born December 1885 in Lockridge, Iowa. Husband is deceased. Mabel died 15 November 1956 at Kewanee, Illinois Hospital. The services were performed at the Cavanaugh Funeralo Home.Survivors: Children Lowell German of Santa Monica, California, Donald GERMAN of Ohio, Robert GERMAN of Wyoming, Illinois, Raymond GERMAN and Mrs. Evelyn BRYNER of Kewanee, Illinois, and Harold GERMAN of Middletown, Iowa. Mabel is also survived by her siblinga Carl HOPKIRK of Mt. Hamil, Illinois, Eldra HOPKIRK fo Burlington, Iowa, David HOPKIRK of Sacrament, California, Gordon HOPKIRK of Lockridge, Iowa, and Fern Eggenberger of Lockridge, Iowa.

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