Jessie HOPKIRK & A. (Angus) C. DAVIS

Jessie HOPKIRK was born about 1884, the daughter William Hume HOPKIRK and Marietta COWLES

Jessie HOPKIRK married A. (Angus) C. DAVIS.

They had a daughter named Marietta DAVIS, born 21 June 1917, Yakima, Washington.

From the 1920 census, this family is living in Yakima, Washington.

Angus is listed as 40 years old and a public school superintendent, born in Illinois. His parents were born in Ohio and Mass.
Jessie is listed as 35, and born in Iowa. Her parents were born in Iowa and Massachusetts.
Marietta is listed as 2 1/2 years old, born in Washington.
Also in the household is Edward J. O'Brien, a railroad agent born in Vermont.

Was there also a son named Norman DAVIS? See picture of a small child with William Hume HOPKIRK, and Rollin HOPKIRK

Jessie HOPKIRK died in an automobile accident in 1922.

This picture comes from the Yakima Independent, North Yakima, Washington, Friday, September 3, 1915.

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